Yourupload Choose This Server. But they all believed that there is a secret, mystical order to the universe that defies rational explanation. Streamango Choose This Server. The series begins when Lump and Cuddles are playing game and Cuddles suddenly suffers a seizure. Phillips and Lauren Pennington are likable and while Danny Trejo deserved much better he does what he can. A Haunted High school overrun by bloodthirsty ghosts kind of reminds me of a gory Scooby Doo episode.

I had a feeling that the characters would be stereotypes as they always are when it comes to SyFy, I wasn’t necessarily put off by that. Haunted High TV Movie 3. He makes it his mission to keep Poole under surveillance as he sets off on a seemingly innocent road trip up-state. Margaret’;;s fragile job on Wall Street is threatened by her boss’;;s suicide. Audible Download Audio Books. Female Acolyte Jaren Mitchell Whitney as Lauren Whitney Pennington.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Charisma Carpenter as Movoe. An innocent woman, accused of murdering her son and hanged as a witch, curses a tree and the children who play around it. House of Bones TV Movie A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

The movie centers on a heist and man-made treachery amidst a natural disaster in a small Indiana town. Marc Donato as Colt. More Top Movies Trailers. Sci-Fi ; Horror ; Fantasy. Growing up is never easy, but for Alexis King it will be deadly.

Ghost Quake

Danny Trejo as Ortiz. The cast is not as bad as in most SyFy entries, mainly due to the fact the young kids in this film do not seem to think of themselves as serious actors in the first place, so you won’t experience any talentless nitwits trying to pull of a Shakespearean performance while they are haunted by fat ghost with a giant mustache. Henrik Schunk Super Reviewer. Was this review helpful to you? Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.


Whitney ghoatquake Lauren Whitney Pennington. The occult has a long and proud tradition in America. Haunted High TV Movie Report Please help onlie to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. I challenge you to take a look around you. Coach Hoover Danielle Greenup In the ‘s English colonists arrive in what was to become North Carolina and find supernatural terror.

But all is not as it seems as Poole soon finds himself on the run with a young girl who has become obsessed with him and may or may not have been witness to the first murder. It focuses on a struggling hip-hop artist running for mayor to promote his mix-tape and wins. I Am the Night. Margaret’;;s fragile job on Wall Street is threatened by her boss’;;s suicide.

General Monning wants to establish a new canine army. We will fix the issue in 2 days; in the mean time, we ask for your understanding and you can find other backup links on the website to watch those. Crawl or Die Frequently Asked Questions Q: This time, the setting almost works.

A group of teenagers stumble upon a secret lab and battle their superior clones. The effects of this act of revenge echo through the years and Lump wants to do something for help but he only make things worse.

The rest of the acting is bland, but there is no wonder when their material was as under-par as it was. A ghoatquake struggling for inspiration finds an unexpected muse after he accepts a teaching position in a small town and becomes the caregiver to Eddie, a seemingly docile art student with a rare movje condition.


We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Openload Choose This Server. The Sleepwalking Cannibal A Haunted High school overrun by bloodthirsty ghosts kind of reminds me of a gory Scooby Doo episode.

Generally I hate SyFy movies with a passion. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

Thevideo Choose This Server. The journey has many unexpected turns, and twists, as our hero falls in-love and loses his way, but as fate would ghosqtuake it, jealousy ensues, and seeking to reconcile our hero travels to Mauritius where one event changes his life forever. Don’t have an account? A brutal horror comedy, one lacking in original scares, or interesting laughs.

Movies and TV I have watched. Two high school outsiders join forces in an attempt to onoine the local school board. Trailer Turn off light Report.

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Rapidvideo Choose This Server. Haunted High is thankfully not one of their worst, the zombie frog sequence is fun if all too brief, Shawn C. The film takes the audience on a journey, as our hero searches for his ‘;perfect wave’. Later, Chalky returns looking for information on Narcisse in an effort to set Daughter free.

Now some of you may be wondering what is he talking about? When an American obline company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they awaken a nest.