Of course, I doubt Katsura was thinking along those lines right then, but maybe somehow subconsciously he was happy to see a comrade that used to share his goals and to some extent shares them now – Saigou was fighting an alien monster, after all XD That’s why Katsura noted that Saigou, despite his current way of life, is still like a samurai. DAT Madao genderbend tho The three transvestites notice two boys bullying a smaller kid. I guess its just you being disappointed with the opening, i was cool with it. I didn’t find that episode particularly funny tbh Best part was “Teach us Ginko-sensei” with Madao Itu Shizuka is really perfect for someone like Sougo since she too can be crazy at times! Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Zurako questions him about the monster. In my opinion, the year-old lead singer must also be a vampire who drinks virgin blood because he looks unnaturally young. Paako and Zurako try to infiltrate the haunted mansion. Is it just me or is Gintama only getting better with each episode XD?!?! Anyways, the each episode keeps on topping the next; I was really sad this time when the show ended. It does not fit in with what you are saying, you damn samura-” “Watch out there,” Sougo called. I don’t want to get drenched in that muck.

But Katsura apparently is just not the kind of person to leave people alone like that or maybe he just really liked working as a transvestite dancer, and wanted to stay?

There were some funny jokes in between, but I like how it broke down the whole transvestite discussion with the comedy and through a kid’s perspective. Actually, most of what I know about the real Katsura can be read hereand it serves as an interesting comparison between both Katsuras since it’s mentioned that the two share a lot of traits! He is a highly skilled samurai who fought eoisode Gintoki in the Joui War and was his childhood classmate under the same tutelage of Yoshida Shouyou.


He fought until that while loincloth was dyed red by the blood of his enemies. Damn, they made pretty women!!! I want money, cold, hard money! Haven’t you seen those TV shows? Elizabeth is a cute pet and not a castaway Amanto zurko, Kagura is not just a kid but someone with leadership qualities, etc. Next week will be the last episode of this arc and this chours. Takasugi Shinsuke, Kihetai, Shinsengumi.

In my opinion, the year-old lead singer must also be a vampire who drinks virgin blood because he looks unnaturally young. With money, I can head to a pachinko and play those slot machines to my heart’s content. For every favorite episode I’ll probably just say another one. When Eppisode and Zurako come to, they are in such a situation: Although I do agree with the people above me. Japan differs so much from Earth! Oh my god, Soko-chan’s voice is so lovely. When we first see Zurako, I think it is immediately obvious what an elegant and graceful figure Katsura makes even in female clothing.

Gintama Episode 24 Discussion

Paako and Zurako spit at them and chase them away. Three Envelopes, Three People 3. All I ever experience is pain.

And then there was that moment when Gintoki was sitting on the fence and Katsura was trying to drag him back, and then the bully kids ran past talking about something dangerous – did you notice the look that Katsura and Gin-san exchanged? They really make a nice couple.


Hasegawa is truly best girl! Why am I a Berserk fan? My Reviews and Rants: So sad that the next episode will be last one, actually looked forward to episoxe more people in their gender-bend version, especially Katsura aka Zurako xD Damn, that male Tsukiyo looks awesome.

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Featuring anime-esque jokes, conversations that go absolutely nowhere and the slacking trio that we have grown to adore. Stay tuned for the next episode of Yamazaki’s Badminton!

My current userpic is from the music video of the song “Comforting Sounds” by the rock band Mew from Denmark. The irony is that whenever Katsura corrects Gintoki et al that his name is not Zura, but Katsura, both terms actually mean the same thing.

Which episodes do Paako and Zurako appear in Gintama? | Yahoo Answers

Kazuya Nakai is pretty good on voicing Tenko. Long yellow hair, blushed cheeks, tight dress with floral prints. Can’t epsode for the arc’s end next week.

If zurwko change the OP, they would have to completely animate the whole entire thing. I’m actually in a hurry to catch the soap opera at 4PM. I suppose you’re right, they would defend a bullied kid.! I can tell you put a lot of thought and love into this epic post. I do not own Gintama or any of the characters.

I did like to their tranny side though lol. Sarutobi and Tsukuyo male version so badass XD.