Media Arts Database in Japanese. Akeno Watanabe as Konami Sasagure. Kiriko decides it might be time to bring out Go-Okusaer, a prototype of Neo-Okusaer. The other robots intercept and give Goh and Anna an opening, and they’re finally able to destroy it with their combined attacks. Bryan Leach eps Jason Grundy eps North American DVD cover of the first volume.

Goh finds out that his old partner Max and girlfriend Mira are alive, but have been in comas ever since. Jay Hickman as Fritz Yang. She reviews some of her phone messages, one being from a man, begging her to meet with him. Chuumei Watanabe Original Concept: Greg Ayres as Shinobu Saruwatari. Happiest Story in the Universe!

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Madman’s Official Godannar Website. Kira Vincent-Davis as Lou Roux. Godannarr Di Pisa as Hina. Anime Reviews gave a mixed review of season one ranging from admiration of the animation to criticism of the story in the later episodes. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Goh confronts him in Godannar.


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S With Goh’s risk of succumbing to the Insania Virus rising, it is up to his wife, ex, and dear friend to defend the Dannar Base as countless beasts strike.

The Warrior Episide Witches: Monica Bonetto as Sakura.

To Protect and Serve Dual! Happiest Story in the Universe! It destroyed Oasis Base completely, leaving godannr few survivors in intensive care.

Lucia Angella as Hiiragi Tonko. Tsukasa Kotobuki 3D Director: You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Moukaku gets into a bar fight, and he’s starting to undergo the same mutation as Max and Shadow. Nanae Katou as Hayashi.

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When a mimetic beast attacks, she tries her best to fight it with a small school robot. But the Dannar and the Neo-Okusaer are out of commission, so the only one to challenge the new threat is Shizuru in the Godwnnar Gunner.

The Legacy — Dual! Anna’s dad, Tetsuya – the founder of Dannar Base – resumes control.

Dragliner deployes with Dannar and Neo-Okusaer. E10 Englsh Sortie A mysterious robot that refuses to identify itself, battles a mimetic beast that had been attacking Caucasus 1. You Might Like Dubbed. While in a state of limbo, a fallen mech pilot relives the events of the series.


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Kathyin Masilungan as Ellis Valentine. Anna’s dad and founder of Danner, Tetsuya, regains command of the base.

Monica Rial as Mira Ackerman. Master of Illusions Inazuma Eleven: Views Read Edit View history. Junko Minagawa as Shinobu Saruwatari.

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Shinji Kawada as Kukrachyov. It is shown then that Mira has been placed in hydro-statis and Kiriko ponders what she’s godannwr to do about her.

Frontline eps 6, 11, 19 J. Masahiro Yamane Yasuhiro Moriki Editing: Lorenzo Scattorin as Max Jr.

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