Unfortunately, Nozomu is fired from his school for his suspicious conduct and he himself becomes a ‘wild’ teacher. Grabbing an easter egg, Nozomu wonders if came first the egg or the chicken, the panties or the panty-thieves, hope or despair, and so on. Just then, he is arrested by mysterious people on behalf of the examinees for being a potential bad luck charm and locks him up in solitary until the end of testing, which he is quite pleased about. However, all the characters speak unintelligible gibberish, and the subtitled second story suggest instead that Perry is Son Goku looking for the Dragon Balls and that Nozomu is an alien bent on stopping him. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, For every gag that has been done, a candle is blown out. Her evil-looking eyes have led to her being misunderstood – that is, she actually is evil, but people try not to prejudge her and assume she is actually good.

Nozomu feels even more certain of Jun’s ability to read people’s minds, so he puts himself in a freezing room full of penguins to prevent Jun from reading the conclusion of the episode. For this particular one, I really liked the last art style. For every gag that has been done, a candle is blown out. At the end, Nozomu and Majiru get food poisoning from leftover curry rice that was given to them by a mysterious woman, who turns out to be Kafuka. According to Japanese Wikipedia ,. The latter half of the episode concerns Meru Otonashi, who is silent and shy in person, but remarkably abusive via text-messaging, her only means of communication. In the second part of the episode, Nozomu is unhappy about business practice of selling Fukubukuro , because he thinks it is just a way to sell leftovers at the end of the year. Later, at school, the class finds out Nami’s birthday, but, because nobody knew about it, everyone makes her a sudden emergency present.

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Kafuka gives him the nickname Pink Supervisor, and proceeds to pay him fifty yen to call him by this name. For every gag that has been done, a candle is blown out. Crazy Credits There is a scene after the closing credits.

Hirotsugu Kakoi Chief Animation Director: OP and ED was awesome, though. Ten of the CDs contain newly recorded episodes, while the fifth and sixth CDs are the collections of the popular episodes.


Quotes [ repeated line ] Nozomu Itoshiki: In the manga, the interrupting notes was showing the progress episofe the manga but in the OVA they were about the production steps of the animation. Same old jokes, same old characters, same old despair at how boring Goku is. Works directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

Daisuke Kishio as Club member ep 3. The third part of the episode is shown using various animation techniques. S2E1 End of Volume 5, 9, Nozomu Itoshiki hands out an application for his pension in a government office, but an employee makes fun of Nozomu’s name. It’s time to hand out grades, but Nozomu Goju hands out completely censored report cards to his students, because he understands that the majority of students does not want to be notified of their grades.

Chiri Kitsu 12 episodes, The continuing adventures of the inconsolable teacher Nozomu Itoshiki and his class of insane students.

This turned him into Matoi’s latest object of affection. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I feel sorry for Kumeta sensei.

A continuation of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, with more stories revolving around Nozomu Itoshiki, the extremely pessimistic or despairing teacher, and the students of class the sauonara, who are each hilariously abnormal in their own unique way except for the one relatively normal girl who hates being called normal. Nozomu then proceeds to unveils many more types of “measles” you’re better off to have as a kid, since their discussiion can be disastrous later on in your life.

Was this review helpful to you? The class prepares a surprise party for Nozomu, even if his birthday is not on that day, but on 4th of November. Registering is freeeasyand private. I agree to that, SZS has a high quality standard. It has not gotten much attention I’m back from Europe, Sayonarw still kinda tired, and I missed a lot of gaming news that happened last week snesei it happened. On physical examination day, many of the girls are feeling stress about their weight, measurements and fitness.

The gang encounter several groups of protestors, who protest about things, but end up vaccilating over certain things. Views Read Edit View history.

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Hideyuki Morioka Hiroki Yamamura. Ryo Imamura ep 2c.

Koyomimonogatari Akuma no Memumemu-chan Ikebukuro He realizes that such practices of intentional ‘detuning’ are quite popular in Japanese society. Like previous series, the opening starts off ‘low budget’ in the first two episodes, simply going through all the placecards of the previous series, before changing to a fully animated sequence depicting the characters, ancient monuments, and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.


A group of students lead normal lives and cope with normal predicaments, but all too often find themselves in abnormal situations. Something More Beautiful — Popotan Mahoromatic: Unfortunately, Nozomu is fired from his school for his suspicious conduct and he himself becomes a ‘wild’ teacher.

Nozomu shows how, in a suspicious society, there is more “reverse-surprise” than surprise itself: After purchasing all the houses and getting the ramen shop Rin notices how the flavour has changed because of changing of her new management. The second part is a semi-musical where the class explains how changing one little thing can make the world a better, or worse place.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Kagerou is afraid to open his box, because he doesn’t really know whether any girl had dedicated a love letter to him or had not.

It depicts two stories running simultaneously; the same screen is used but the audio track tells one story, and the Japanese subtitles tell the second story. It’s so impressive that the VAs changed their voices in accordance with the different art styles. It satirizes politics, media, and Japanese society. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I preferred the last episode over this one, but they both are still awesome. A total of 21 CDs for the show have been released by King Records.

Yes No Report this. S1E10, S2E4 Chapter Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Katanagatari TV Mini-Series In Storybook of Failure, Nozomu tells his class how when people are fighting over something, to an outsider it seems like both lose.

Nozomu flatly refuses the offer, but he cannot help but to take care of them. He argues that people should have right to choose to be ‘uninformed’ of undesirable information, since they have right to be informed of desirable information. Peisode contains music from the third series, composed by Tomoki Hasegawaalong with the opening theme and the two ending themes.