Gorantha Deepam – Episodes The collector helps Padmavathi to get Tulasi’s operation done. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 6, Vijaya tells Sinayya that she is going to attend Suresh’s wedding event at Durgamma’s house. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 8, More Videos of Gorantha Deepam. Vijaya asks her husband to give his car so that she could attend Suresh’s wedding event.

Satyam feels upset after not being able to arrange money for Tulasi’s operation. Padmavathi seeing Tulasi doing more work, told her to take rest as she was suffering from kidney problem. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 15, If she doesn’t do so, she will cancel Dhanam’s wedding with Suresh. Durgamma hearing Kavitha’s name shouted at Dhanam as she disliked Kavitha. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 9, The doctor tells Satyam that Tulsai will die within few days.

Padmavathi donated blood to her mother at the hospital. Durgamma gets stunned and furious upon seeing Kavitha with Suresh’s wedding invitation card. Collector went to school for the ‘Inspection’. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – Seepam 17, Suresh goes to Durgamma’s house to meet Dhanam.

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 15, Manga argued with Pandu about Durgamma promising in front of the public. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 11, Stay tuned to know more. She goes on to speak offensively about the poor facilities provided by Durgamma at her house and also treats her as a gorahtha servant.


She answers to various queries of the viewers based on their rashi, nakshatram, date of birth etc. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 3, She talk about the importance of ‘Makara Sankranthi’.

Suresh wonders whether Padmavathi showed him another house instead of hers. Padmavathi gets worried about how to make Suresh believe she is staying at her home. Gorantha Deepam – Episode – January 6, Varanjaneyulu the Star director of Chinna Kodalu.

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Durgamma declaress her decision to cancel Dhanam’s wedding with Suresh. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Lawyer went to Durgamma’s house and told that Sinayya and Simhadri signed on legal documents to construct the factory and also praised Sinayya’s and Simhadri’s character in front of Durgamma. Padmavathi tells moral lesson to the children, in this she says about the importance of mother and also teaches them to save people who are in poverty.

Gorantha Deepam – Episode – December 12, Lawyer asked Simhadri and Sinayya to sign on the documents as a surety to construct the milk dairy factory.

Durgamma tells Padmavathi about her sons. Lawyer asked Durgamma about Simhadri and hearing this Durgamma shouted at the lawyer and asked him not to speak about Simhadri as she had a sour relationship with Simhadri.


Gorantha Deepam – Episode episodde December 6, Nukalu decided to leave the house. Durgamma tells Suresh’s mother to take Kavitha away from her house.

Durgamma and Manga visit the temple to carry out their Pooja rituals. Suddenly Padmavathi seeing Suresh in the new shirt gets shocked as she had stitched deepamm for Sinayya. Dhanam appeals Durgamma to consent to her marriage with Suresh. Sinayya engages in a fight with Pandu and Yadigiri fights Simhadri.

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Gorantha Deepam – Episodes Sinayya appeals to them to stop behaving in such a rude manner. Durgamma hearing Kavitha’s name shouted at Dhanam as she disliked Kavitha. Gorantha Deepam episods a story of a young girl Paddu, who was born in a family which has abundance of love and affection but poor on finances.