Tag someone your thankful for! Not all heros wear capes Not all supermen fly. So yeah I made this and I really really love it so please give Creds if u repost. Sorry the intro is bad but the person singing at the beginning is Connor! It didn’t stay secret from my family from that long. I lost 17 followers.

And it feels great. I make video edits of Minecraft Youtubers! Mining, Building some stuff like shops, houses , idk what else. I never liked think and I don’t like how he stopped ring buds w graser but I’ve never sent hate to him or anything so yeah gbomb graser graser10 grasermc graser10cp graserisugly thecube thecubesmp cube cubesmp cubeevolution 34 5 6: Also todoroki is a snacc. Somethin noice coming up on my profile. I have nothing to post.

Minecraft ABBA Caving: Jackpot!

I really enjoy Minecraft and watch alot of Minecraft videos on Youtube. Somethin noice coming up on my profile.

I’ll still post though! It took a month or two for me to tell one of my friends irl. Dat cheek cubesmp cubeedits graser10cp 0 0 5: That’s what I spend my free time doing.

,minecraft songs

Well here it goes! Home Minecraft Forum Servers: And it feels great. Last edited by CrazyAxeman CapttainK Reason for joining: Mining, Building some stuff like shops, housesidk what else.


In awe about the community I could fp throughout this fandom Not having to hide this “life” that has changed mine. I enjoy watching the Cube SMP on youtube and would love to be part of a small community game like this Skills: This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Through this account I’ve found a lot of family troubles A year ago I talked to a girl from my school I need edit ideas.

This turned out awesome! Graser and Rusher are my favorites.

Minecraft Cube SMP S1 Episode Repetitive Death –

Sorry this sucks, I had to struggle a lot with this edit because the song keep gliching: Can we get back to by Christmas? I want to join a friendly server that I can make friends Skills: First time doing this style. Hope you enjoy this mess!

I want to find a new server to show off my building and redstone skills Skills: I have wanted to play on an SMP server like the Cube for a while now, but they’re hard to find nowadays. I’m not much of a redstone or dev.


The End of Kiani?

Also can someone tell me what style this is? Also todoroki is a snacc. No sorry Reason for joining: I though I would share it with you guys lol storytime graser graser10 grasermc graser10cp notifications twitter bruh traser10 pissed tweeting yo minecraft 13 1 5: I always wanted to join a SMP server but i never got too i am also a great builder so if you want me to build something just ask me and i’ll do it Skills: I make video edits of Minecraft Youtubers!

Ive been looking for a good private whitelist server that has a mature comminity Skills: This is now my fangirl account thecubesmp the cube smp parkergames tybzi kevin grapeapplesauce kermit graser10 graser10cp grasermc 6 0 6: D im actually happy with this a lot 30 0 9: