Cristina tries to help Preston cope with the after effects of his surgery. And they’ll have their hands full when a three-car accident sends multiple casualties pouring into Seattle Grace. The chairman of the hospital board is admitted as patient. Burke has a patient who inspires him to talk to Meredith and Cristina about doing what they say they will. Special 21 Creating “Pink Mist” no air date — 43 mins. Meanwhile, an injury leaves Mark in a compromising position in the OR and Cristina awkwardly avoids Owen.

Picks up where the last episode left off. Meanwhile, a magician’s assistant is rushed into the ER after a magic trick goes terribly wrong. Will and Grace live together in an apartment in New York City. Meanwhile, Callie, Arizona and Bailey plan a much needed ladies night for Teddy. Shelter From the Storm Personal and work pressures are adding up and have Meredith visibly on edge, Owen conducts formal interviews for the Chief Resident position, Cristina grows increasingly defiant, Alex and Lucy’s undefined relationship gets tested, and Jackson suddenly backs out of the Webber’s diabetes trial.

Meanwhile, multiple pre-op patients develop infections, causing one doctor to wonder if she is at fault. David KohanMax Mutchnick. How to Save a Life A patient bails on their surgery.

Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

Overseeing them is Miranda Bailey, not-so- affectionately dubbed ‘The Nazi’. Wishin’ and Hopin’ Mark flies Addison to Seattle to help with a difficult procedure on his pregnant daughter, Sloan, Owen questions Teddy’s motives when she assigns Cristina the lead on a complicated surgery, and Derek’s suspicions are raised when the Chief recruits Meredith to assist with a high profile operation on.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The rest of the interns operate on a family that was just in a car accident.


After an anonymous complaint is issued by one of their own, the hospital implements a non-fraternizing policy causing the couples to panic. A 9-year-old is seen by Cristina after he swallowed Monopoly game pieces. A doctor at Seattle Grace gets proposed to. Alana Cahill Andy Milder Finn makes Meredith breakfast.

Greye of Meredith’s oldest friends, Sadie, becomes an intern at Seattle Grace, but Mer’s friends are less-than-welcoming to her. Love the One You’re With 4. When the plumbing springs a leak, chaos breaks out at Seattle Grace as the Chief tries to put in place new teaching methods. The doctors treat a patient named Dale.

Don’t Stop Me Now The staff continue to assist those affected seties the storm. Meanwhile, Alex tries to deny the fact that Morgan may be falling for him. Derek and Meredith’s clinical trial gets a second shot from a new patient. There is even more tension between Addison and Mark. Meredith attempts to work with Addison Shepard. I Wear the Face Season 9 Episode Colin Marlow continues to try to get in the way of Cristina and Burke’s relationship. Mark and Derek must work together when two close-knit brothers greye medical help.

Despite a reconciliation with his wife, Derek isn’t in a festive mood. Bailey talks about motherhood and depression to a mother who is set to have cancer surgery and who seems to not care about any decisions concerning the future. All of the seriss are in awe when a woman comes in with a record breaking tumor, but it is ssries far advanced that the woman’s prognosis is not good.

Derek treats a divorce attorney who asks if Derek is in need of her services. She knows someone on the staff.


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User Reviews Good show! The doctors split into teams for a ahatomy surgery involving conjoined twins; Bailey recruits Meredith to be a buffer between her and Ben when he puts pressure on moving their relationship to a more serious level; Richard teaches Alex a tough lesson in the OR; meanwhile Teddy questions Cristina about what exactly happened to Henry during his surgery.

Well, someone’s gotta pay for these costumes and dancing fairies. Some of the interns want to know why Bailey won’t talk to Izzie. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Derek and Meredith are fighting over the reason for their sleepless nights. Meanwhile, tension grows between Jackson and April after they’re forced to work together, and Alex tries to restrain himself with one of the interns.

Richard performs a monumental surgery in his career; Derek and Lexie attempt serues work miracles for a patient with an inoperable tumor. An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them, Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help, and Ava returns for Alex and meets his other girlfriend in the process.

The pregnant woman is named Melanie and she will die but her baby may survive.