I am sooo glad his wounds heal, when he is in his gumiho state. Though as soon as KC moved away from CJ, had his own things to deal with and was able to interact with another girl his heart was already wavering even if he doesn’t realize it yet. I hope that the four of them will now unite to bring down GW. Broadcast starting date in Korea: Ji Hyun Woo on Yo…. He and TS are sitting under a tree one fine day.

Or maybe Lord Park’s tomb his adopted father? Notify me of new comments via email. Hello guys, At last a drama that makes me want to commune with fellow kdrama-folks! This makes her feel sympathy for him. He would have wanted to help. KC says of course- SS even risked his position for him. Chung-jo puts her clothes on in the morning with this deadened look in her eyes, and then the bastard has Tae-seo brought in so he can see the price she paid to spare his life. You know, humans have a tendency to compare and contrast.

I wish someone from the drama could tell us someone like the writer, or someone close to her, or his make-up artist. The last part I wanted to add part 4 is that I firmly believe that KC famipy in love with with CJ and not just infatuated with her. May 14, at 6: She says she wants to become a gisaeng the kind who specializes as an entertainer, like Soo-ryun.

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So with one eye on my students, I try to use the other to furtively check on DB. Later, it was hilarious when she told KC that her father assigned her to watch him, and Gon hops beside her and says, “Me too, of course. I think that it also contributed to shed KC’s innocence and naivete about people and about what he thought constituted his world. Jin Kyung Supporting Cast. I don’t even understand that spell.


I laughed so loud at what you said, I have effectively deafened whoever was in the vicinity.

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Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. HanCinema’s Official Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas! He looks around the room, saying the room is so old and suggesting that GW fix the whole place up.

GD gives his terms. CJ like SH could not handle certain things.

Relieving the tension could have been done so much better. I am sooo glad his wounds heal, when he is in his gumiho state. Why did TS hit KC when they met at the academy? At least in MOH the villain was unintentionally funny or maybe it was the actor.

Guy remarks that KC healed fast. Ivoire May 19, at I really hope this is not that drama. I’m supposed to be invigilating exam. She just wants to help him as a friend and KC thinks she is boy. GD says if you can take this broom from me, you can have the chicken.


This show is moving slowly, needs more development and better pacing. Seeing an opportunity to attack, the leader of the gang lunges at Kang-chi with a giant blade, and just gets swatted away like a fly. All in all, I continue to love this drama, because in spite of its flaws, it has a lot of heart and the right actors and actresses who portray the characters in it, like in the K2Hs: This is also why I don’t want him to turn fully human; he should be able to turn the beast on and off, power of love and all that jazz.

I still have trouble trying to figure out how he’s going to end up being KC’s love rival for YW unless YW just likes pitiful creatures. He knocks YW over, choking her.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 9 [Complete]

I am so excited! Ha, is this more like a keep-the-gumiho-busy-with-useless-tasks sort of assignment? OMG the sexy beast-clip where dramscrazy tries to sneak around the guards…. I thought I’m the only one who remember that Oh, sorry, wrong drama.