Mac, Bal and Din walk into an ambush. Ben Hecht Charles MacArthur. This scheme includes Sergeant Thomas Ballantine, the most dashing of the three. He asks to see her tongue and she lifts her trunk up to him. Genres comedy adventure war. No copyright is claimed on non-original or licensed material. In , the film was deemed “culturally significant” by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. But Bal says, “It’s just the blasted heat that’s screaming in our ears.

Retrieved April 17, This is just a great movie about having fun. Create Account Learn More. The extras on the disc explained that it went over budget, so perhaps a reunion scene was planned but not shot. The colonel tells Mac that he is sending him back to Tantrapur to finish the work there, but to be on the lookout for Thugs. Cary Grant plays the fortune-hunting Sgt. I’m a soldier of her Majesty, the Queen. He puts the paper in his pocket, as he doesn’t trust Mac, and with good reason.

Cutter is determined to make his fortune, but MacChesney will have none of it and has Cutter put in the stockade to prevent his desertion. Excellent early Cary Grant. This scheme includes Mlvie Thomas Ballantine, the most dashing of the three. When they’re not getting drunk and beating up each other, the three army pals are taking on the thugee cult, fist-pummeling dozens upon dozens of angry thugs. In a drunken stupor, Cutter tells McLaglen’s character that “three hours from where we’re sitting, there’s a gold temple waiting to be sliced away and carried off in a wheelbarrow.


Some of the incidental scenes that flesh out the story were filmed while hundreds of extras were in the background being marshaled for larger takes.

The day the scene was actually shot was even hotter than usual. By this time, the Colonel has lost his desire for punch.


Our thirst was quenched by many beers brought up to us by the prop man. They both feature funga rope bridge that gets cut during the climax. It was only a matter of time before Ballantine’s time with the regiment is through.

Produced and directed by George Stevens whose past experiences had included working on silent comedy filmsthis RKO Dn release is based on the poem of the same name, composed by British writer Rudyard Kipling.

Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Also like you Eric, I wanted to see the scene where Fairbanks is reunited with Fontaine. Although Kipling inspired the film, Alexandre Dumas is the real father. This is a pretty spiffing adventure yarn, with some classically staged fights, terrific performances.

Heard one too many Chomsky lectures to bask in the glories of Western colonialism. Please confirm or enter it below to complete your profile. This is grand and exhilarating filmmaking that’s hard to resist. Then Gunga Din, imbued with the soldier’s spirit, realizes his dream by sounding the bugle to warn the troops, heroically sacrificing his life for his sense of duty.

Lots of cool fisticuffs against the Kali worshippers. I was amused and touched because this utterly distorted account was an artistic success and considerable resources in talent and ingenuity had been applied in making it” [7]. Mendel Dec 12, Mar 8, Rating: Weed intends to send MacChesney and Cutter back with a larger force, in order to retake the town and complete the telegraph repairs. It is an expedition that all fans of the classic movies should take.

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The film premiered in Los Angeles on January 24, I don’t care how much I love you! Audrey Manners as Girl at Party. One of the better adventure movies from the s. Douglas Fairbanks Jr called the film “my sole masterpiece among the hundred or so films I made.


In a very comical scene, Mac is taking care of Annie, who has developed some sort of ailment. Mac, Bal and Din walk into an ambush.

At a British army post in India, native water diin Gunga Din dreams of becoming a soldier. The three leading actors in this movie are the legendary character actor Victor McLaglen, the dashing Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Originally slated to be directed by Howard Hawks, Gunga Din was taken out of Hawks’ hands when the director proved to be too slow during the filming of Bringing Up Baby.

The decision was made to make the story a much larger adventure tale, but the re-write process dragged on into principal synlpsis. There were three great adventure films made during this time. Your social account may not have provided your email to us. He is wonderful in the part and easily steals the movie away from Fairbanks. It is unfortunate for Higgenbotham that he becomes sick but this is one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie.

Send your comments on this article to the author, Debbie Papio, at Deb. The army returns safely back to its camp and the wise old colonel compliments the three tired, worn out but courageous sergeants. More Top Movies Trailers. Fairbanks Jr claims he was cast as Cutter by Howard Hawks then asked to change.

Back on the roof, Mac and Bal are captured and cannot warn their men who are still moving in to mlvie deadly fate. This movie has it all–so much more to make it “another big special.