Grab the weapons and find the small shaft, hidden behind a barrel. I don’t know who G-man is! He just tells you to head to the sawmill. Kill the few antlions that move up to challenge you. When the combine are defeated, take the stairs in the basement outside and walk up to the sheds at the top of the hill. Do I need the original Half-Life 2 to play this?

You will approach the lift that connects the bottom of the pit with Alyx Vance. In the next room you will find an elevator. The message is clear – hurry up and get over here. Judith Mossman – Don’t want to spoil the original Half-Life 2 for you. The vortigaunt will stay behind as you go up the lift, then he’ll go up a lift of his own to join you. Obviously this is done during the chapter ‘Out Mutual Fiend’. Don’t let it attack you, just because I didn’t tell you to defend yourself. They’ll throw things at you, so be sure to watch out.

There are a grand total of of them and you’ll want to kill all of them for an achievement. Another radar signal solved. He opens a hatch ha,f you. The Vortigaunt will follow suit.

The primary attack button will throw a Grenade, the secondary attack button will roll on. The zombies and antlions will continue fighting eachother.

Secure the launch door on missile silo 2. Hide from the enemies, while the Vortigaunt fights with them. They are the only Combine that’ll use the secondary attack of the Pulse Rifle. A poison headcrab carrier will break down the door and attack. There is an achievement for running over 20 enemies with the car, so you may as well add these four to your total. As soon as you’re through, look left for a grub in a cart, then head to the edge of this path and shoot four more surrounding a tunnel on a wall to the right.


The gate will be open, so drive through that and follow the path. You should have enough explosives to kill them. Shoot away the doors that are ahead to end up in an open space with a clear view walkthrouugh what once was the Citadel. From lifee to right, the Breach a burrowed tunnel by antlions36 where you entered12, and This will fix it.

Whatever you do, don’t drop straight down the shaft. You’ll soon reach an elevator shaft that’s not functional.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Walkthrough – The Antlion Queen and the Zombie Base

Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. The Devil’s Cartel Guide. Kill a few more poison headcrabs until you can find a door outside. Grab a crowbar stuck in an elevator shaft, which will cause it to collapse. Now, you could descend through the building you’re on and push through dozens and dozens of zombies, or you could jump straight off from where Alyx and the Vortigaunt are and use your invincibility to make it to the ladder in far less time.

Go stand near the door and wallthrough until the Rebels took care of it all. Since it gets in the way of a whole bunch of other tasks you need to complete, you’ll be doing that or it’s at least highly recommended on a second run. Besides, the Vortigaunt told us not to.

Move inside and up the ladder. The path soon drops down a bit, at which point you need to quickly take cover behind the tall stalactites in front of you. You will get another signal. Look for another white van sticking out of the building by the bleeping lambda and crawl through to the building’s interior.


Start to get used to the idea of meeting them on a regular base. Army of Two Asian Guide.

Count should be If you manage to run out, rely on guwrdian guns. The vortigaunt will pull some larva extract from a nearby cave before the two of you head up to Alyx and the rest of the vortigaunts. Follow the Rebel after the fight. Run over 20 enemies with the car in Episode Two.

Kill an enemy by planting a hopper mine. Shoot episoce single grub that you can before walking up the slope to the right, where you’ll find some more.

The Orange Box Walkthrough

In this area you need to call the lift, then fight enemies until it’s down. After fighting off more acid antlions, look to the left for a smaller tunnel with a grub inside and a few more on the other end of it. Open the other end, and repeat the trick. A tip for this run: However, there is a way around it. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

After fending off antlions near three thumpers, two antlion guardians will come bursting out of a shaft. Retrieved from ” https: Ride it up and head inside the base ahead. As per usual, you’ll be doing the heavy lifting and will be asked to take care of it.