Legal and free through industry partnerships. Kajika declares that she will go to rescue Noei and Eugene, and she manages to convince Lee-leng to let her go. Worried about Kajika’s safety, Lee-leng immediately goes inside to find her. Eugene uses this opportunity to find out more about Najayra’s secrets. Mahaty and Kathleen talked. However, Carl refuses but swears to Kajika that he will bring a good outcome. When Fred sees the picture of Rumaty, he thought it was Mahaty.

In the morning they discover who Mahaty really was. Kajika and Haga Toranosuke go to Li-Ren’s party and meet several people. Then she receives two letters; an invitation to Somand’s enthronement celebration held one month later, and a letter from Najayra. Mahaty and Kathleen talked. He falls to the ground, grabbing at his throat while the sisters taunt him. A recap of episodes 13—25 as told by Zao.

Eugene returns to the hotel where Kajika was waiting.

Harry tells Rumaty that he’ll surely be able to find a lover this time and not a friend. Rumaty then ask Kajika seishkunen become his queen yet again when she tells him she has started to realize who it is she loves without having to tell him he knows it was Lee-leng.

Li-Ren finds out about the unusual succession system in Raginei and realizes that Kajika is first in line for the throne.

Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 34

Hansakeru Seishounen revolves around endearing love, intense passion, noble friendship, undying loyalty, family relations, and political intrigue.

Rumaty realizes that Lee-Leng loves Kajika and has an argument with him. She told Lee-leng to decide whether to stay on or follow her and he decides to follow Kajika. Eugene visits Rumaty’s cousin at his mansion and learns that hanawakeru is someone else pulling the strings from the shadows.

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Toranosuke who was then maneuvering the helicopter asks Kajika where she is headed fub next as there is a plane already waiting for her at the airport. In addition, Najayra has invited Carl to her mansion. Lee-leng points a gun at Zao stating that both of seishiunen should wait whilst the Elders decide what to do with Lee-leng episore as Zao was to command his personally hired bodyguards to his aid, Lieutenant Noei, sent by Rumaty to help Kajika, appears together with his comrades to save Lee-leng from being held captive in his mansion in Singapore.

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Kajika enters Raginei a moment before the coronation of the new king, Somand. Toranosuke was told by Harry that his contract is up but he was persistent on continuing to follow and help Kajika at his own free will. Feeling hurt, Eugene runs to the 3rd floor of the mansion and wanted to jump out the very same window as his mother did. When the group arrives at the hotel, Harry asks seishkunen Lee-leng.

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Kajika must figure out who they are and where they are without any information to go on except that they all possess an irresistible brilliance and charm. It has a total of 39 hanasakru. Kajika sits there and waits until Carl comes from work.

Seishounn the present, Kajika visits Fred. Although Lee-leng suspected something, he was not able to contain his disbelief in regards to the heavy fate Kajika carried.


They find Eugene there, wearing a yukata.

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Carl wants Kajika and intends to take him up on that offer. Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari! Watch Hanasakeru Seishonen-episode full episodes streaming.

Najayra realizes that she is both afraid of and loves Quinza. He carries on saying that he’s in love and she’s ignoring him, she tells him that he’s not one of the men engliah dad picked for the game and in enters, Rumati Ivan, the second prince of Raginei.

The series premiered on April 5, on the NHKand ended in Unexpectedly, Isaac, who was asked by Rumaty to safeguard Kajika, helps them to escape. Kajika finds seishlunen about her lineage. He is attacked epislde assassins in his hotel room and fled by hiding in a laundry cart. Due to the dangerous nature of his identity he is introduced as Rumanty Ivan a visiting friend from Singapore.

Kajika, sensing a deep compassion in Quinza’s eyes towards Rumaty, asks of his intentions. As such, Kajika and the others wait on standby in another room as Eugene’s birthday party commences. Meanwhile, Rumaty questions Lee-leng’s decision of hsnasakeru not allowing Kajika to go Raginei. Harry insists that Lee-leng comes by himself and confesses to him the true purpose of Kajika’s husband hunting.

Kajika bursts in from seishounne a door with a lighter, disgusted. He explains that the plan is to force both Rumaty and Somand into a confrontation in which the hope is that they would both destroy each other.