Their lives are suddenly turned upside down when the water level begins rising at an alarming rate. Phil comes in to comfort Harvey, then Yogi comes in and swears revenge Fred brings Harvey to the jail to see Scooby and Shaggy, but they still act as though they’re high. As a young man, X nicknamed the Eliminator was commissioned by the evil organization F. Eleven of the jury members vote “guilty”, but the French member votes “not guilty”. There, Mentok uses Reducto’s shrink-ray to bring Inch High up to normal height. Everyone has a hearty laugh. X breaks into Harvey’s apartment and creates another danger area.

It is revealed that Reducto is a virgin, though he is broken of it by Norlissa during an awkward love scene. Various characters in the series perform their typical activities: Grape Ape comes out to compete in the Laff-a-Lympics. He sues the Javalux company, as the burn injuries to his crotch have diminished his superpower: And before you answer this next question, I’ll remind you that you swore X runs in seeking Harvey’s opinion on his new surgery, which X doesn’t know hasn’t changed his face at all.

The naked woman on the website’s homepage was a compilation of classical nude paintings.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law – Season 1, Episode 5: Shoyu Weenie –

Mentok declares, after pranking the courtroom, that the school can teach whatever they want, and that Cavey Junior is merely a theory, not a real child. Harvey heads to Phil’s office to announce his decision and finds a huge surprise party Phil has thrown to celebrate all of their operations. Peanut is sent to help prove evolution, but ends up spending all his time at a local seazon club.

Though the case seems open and shut, Harvey produces an indemnity waiver signed by Droopy and wins the case. In the end, Jury Vac gives the verdict Zin who was behind the whole thing, in an attempt to get the boys away from Bannon and Quest. Bobby files yet another lawsuit on Ernie Devlin after choking on a defective toy marketed by Devlin.


Everyone has a hearty laugh. The episode title is a reference to the Birdman of Alcatraz and the detention of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Retrieved from ” https: An early version of the pilot episode originally aired months prior to the launch of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network unannounced on December 30, His villainous witnesses testify that Birdman had no reason to attack them; Shado also uses his brain-thievery to prevent Potamus from cross-examining them.

When Phil is about to leave, he talks about starting his own law firm “or spin off, if you will”and how it will have a big S-shaped desk perfect for interviews, and that he would be far too busy to regularly appear, but that he will still be a contributor, or a senior correspondent ” Harvey, using clips from the original Flintstones show, successfully argues that Fred is delusional, having been hit on the head with a bowling ball so many times that he frequently adopts other personas.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law Episode 5 Youtube

Peanut salvages the case by showing karaoke versions of both songs back to back and Mentok declares judgment in favor of the Shoyu Weenies. Back in Birdman’s office, everyone celebrates until they see a music video for a German band who also stole their song.

Members of the People’s Animals Freedom Front attack Harvey’s office because they don’t approve of him “owning” Avenger. Finally Mentok, tiring of the upstart Shado, delves into his mind and takes away an important fact: Panicking, Harvey runs home; Boo Boo breaks in and says that he wants to thank him for his work with a cookie bouquet.

Their natural gigglish and dopey behavior leads him to believe they are under the influence of illegal substances, and they are taken to jail. Back at the office, Avenger resigns. Trivia Harvey Birdman is revived from the dead of the series finale.

Avenger voice Tony Masa When Harvwy answers that he did, and failed to respond, Mentok declares a mistrial. Kenji voice Jeanne Mori Mentok insists that Shazzan is attempting to frame him, and escapes from court to retrieve the halves of a magic disk that, when put back together and the magic word thus revealed is spoken by Avengerimprisons Shazzan in the vase again.


Harvey and Reducto have a nice chat about the whole situation, as well as the Grape Ape case that they’re both working on. In court in front of an off-screen judge Harvey tries to defend himself and Mr. Episode list weenie the default LineColor TV. Everyone’s excited to have, for the first time, an ex-superhero on the firm. Harvey is repulsed by his co-workers’ ideals of false beauty but no one cares.

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Phil manages to find out about the portal in the hot tub and brings Peanut, Avenger, and a Star Trek character parody to the past. Race Bannon tells Dr.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. The Dwarves of Demrel – Movies Weenif 25th. Peebles against accusations of animal abuse but the radical activists will not be swayed.

Harvey has joined a new spa, and a voluptuous red-head named Gigi works there, making out with every other guy in the place. The school that Cavey Junior is attending refuses to teach evolution, claiming that it is just a myth, so his father Captain Caveman takes legal action, through Harvey Birdman.

Elliott then loses all control and make copies of everyone. Later in court, Harvey is seen nursing an Egg with an eagle hand puppet, and finally at the very end of the episode, it turns out the egg was the hidden lunch of Peter Potamus, who tried to take the egg back and seqson brutally attacked by Avenger.