He has the distinction of being born to Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt. Was this review helpful? This movie proves that bollywood is not just about crappy “masala” movies, there is more than that in bollywood. Even the presentation was predictable. That is a place Vaastav tilted to be more of an usual movie. Mahesh Manjrekar deserves credit as director as do the entire cast not one performance is out of place in this classic. The sequence is really something.

So lifelike are these scenes that it was assumed by many that Manjarekar had connections with the underworld! Vaastav isn’t as violent as the previous two mentioned as it is a drama that centres around the Gangsters family life and relationships. I remember when this movie first came out. It brought back memories of the hugely successful ‘Khalnayak’, where Dutt had given a whole new meaning to the role of an underworld goon. Hathyar Background Theme 1. This movie proves that bollywood is not just about crappy “masala” movies, there is more than that in bollywood. Dutts portrayal of Raghu Bhai is easily the greatest on screen gangster portrayal of Hindi cinema. SadnessNeverGoes 21 December

If you ain’t seen it, then See it.

Raghu becomes a smoker, an alcohol and cocaine addict and falls in love and marries a prostitute Sonia Namrata Shirodkar at a brothel owned by Lakshmi Akka Himani Shivpuri. Mohnish Bahl is wonderfully natural. An item number by Kashmira Shah went down very well with the audience, as did the rest of the music by Anu Malik.

The movie was average, but Dutt was hahyar. Satya is probably the best underworld film to come out Bollywood in recent years. Science Magic Tricks Videos. All in all a milestone in Indian cinemas. The film is another gangster film and allegedly based on life of Chota Rajan. It should be banned to brand any leading actress having great acting potential whenever she plays a prostitute. Depak Tijori leaves a mark. Sanjay Narvekar is quite effective as his best friend, while Namrata Shirodkar does a fine job as Sonu, a young prostitute with whom he falls tonne love.

Vaastav has its own storyline that suits with India life, Serious and Entertainment.

These factors are shown to work simultaneously to create a character that is forever embedded in the history of Indian cinema. Fracture Bandya comes to know that Raghu is hiding tlne Vitthal Kaanya,and meets Middle Man Mandvaali Baadshah ‘Suleiman Bhai’ Paresh Rawal asking Vithal Kaanya to pay a huge ransom amount to save Raghu’s life, so a meeting is arranged in a restaurant with a promise that no guns will be bought,but Suleiman does not trusts Fracture Bandya and get’s a gun attached under one of the restaurant’s table.


Awesome direction from Mahesh Manjrekar. Namdev Shivalkhar Shivaji Satam and Mother: Also the way it approached issues of sex workers, sold out police at the same time vulnerable police in front of politicians.

Cricket Amazing Moments Videos. Raghu kills anyone in front of his 5 year old kid.

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I managed to get a few people into Bollywood because of this film. The film traces the life of a htahyar, exuberant man, who is struggling to find direction in his life.

Did anyone notice Jatin Lalit songs picturised on higher elevation are always hit? There is one good experiment Mahesh did though. They just want to see HOW! Sanjay dutt’s facial expressions are enough to tell the story.

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Sanju’s transformation is brilliantly handled, most notable is that Mohinish Behl is shown as a good character yet he has grey shades, he is shown hathyzr a practical man who leaves his chawl and settles with his wife in a flat as he doesn’t want people to know he is Raghu’s brother, though he goes later begging for help when mocie wife is stalked. Afraid and terrified Raghu and Dedhfutiya go absconding,Fracture Bandya goes crazy searching them and even takes the help of police to find them but it’s of no use as Raghu and Dedhfutiya go hiding in the place of another Don ‘Vitthal Kaanya’ Ashish Vidyarthi with a help of an Sub Inspector friend Kishore Kadam Deepak Tijori ,Vitthal Kaanya was once the boss of ‘Fracture Bandya’,but is now losing his hold over the city due to increasing power of Fracture Baandya.

In the restaurant Raghu and Dedhfutiya meet Francture Bandya and his brother’Chota Fracture’ Ganesh YadavFracture Bandya arranges for a gun from one of the waiters and is about to kill Raghuand Dedhfutiya when Raghu takes out the moviw attached below the table and kills Fracture Bandya, however his brother escapes Sanjay Dutt is the anti-hero of this movie which rollicks through his early years and shows him to grow up a confused and very bitter human being.

This is the film that rewrote the futures of both Sanjay Dutt hathhar Mahesh Manjrekar. Vaastav tells the story of a lower-middle class family whose tohe son has no choice but to accept and embrace the Indian crime world mofie Mumbai after he and his friends accidentally kill a local gangster’s brother. However, this movie is compelling from the first scene to the last, and although it has elements of the stereotypical bollywood film, the film itself illustrates a story that is gripping and intriguing.


The film belongs to Sanjay Dutt all the way. Raghu also kills a group of hoodlums who eve tease Puja Vijay’s wife. And this is the list of films that hathyat the big screen before the film Vaastav. Declines to marry the pros at first.

In Vaastav: A menacing and vulnerable Sanjay Dutt

Being his first film, he is excellent. Especially wonderful is the way that the romance between the leads is handled. Hathuar film, though a bit unevenly executed at places, generally remains steadily focused, and the proceedings are raw and serious, without useless attempts at comedy and unnecessary subplots one gets to see so much in Hindi films.

Essentially Vaastav is an intelligent movie, revealing the infamously corrupt nature movoe the Indian political system, as well as the functioning of society itself. Watch this movie at least 3 times.

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Poor Effort from Mahesh nilendu 29 November We see Raghu’s mother played by Reema Laagu who actually looks of the same age as Sanjay never really voicing anything against her son. Babban sends Raghu to threaten a Parsi person to empty a land,after Signing the required papers for emptying the land the Parsi starts abusing Raghu and Babban so Raghu loses his head and kills the Parsi, This incident gets a lot of media publicity ,so due to increasing pressure by media on his links with the underworld Babban shows his true color and gives an encounter order for Raghu, Dedhfutiya and all Raghu’s gang members,which leads to encounter of Dedhfutiya and all the Raghu’s gang members by the police.

Atif Aslam All Video Songs. Mohan Joshi is able.