Move carefully to avoid many dangers and travel from city to city, visiting shrines and ruins along the way. In this episode, Thomas rants about alpha players at the gaming table. In all honesty, the bar for modern board game production is getting incredibly high these days. We have a double feature of guests this episode as Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games returns for a 3rdtime to talk about Scythe final expansion, Rise of Fenris […]…. Every Encounter Ability I would guess – as it always states piercing or cant be reduced etc. If you pledged at a level that gives you access to the newsletter, but haven’t been receiving the emails, please send me a message and we’ll get you added to the list. I truly feel the pain, and I am thankful you’re willing to stick with us into the future. What game made it to your gaming table the most times this year?

The game is so straightforward however that taking the pieces out, setting up the game and choosing who or what to play as is an absolute doddle. If you have any ideas for topics to be discussed or things to incl Support us on Patreon. My board game, Roll-a-Bong, is a cannabis smoking track game designed for Sections of this page. You drench your enemy in a frigid gale. They are expanding what the Hexplore It system can do. Our Valley of the Dead King Living card campaign has been published fully, adding a total of 36 new cards to the game.

Consequence and Quest cards are just flavoursome enough to enhance the experience without being fluffy, whilst the board has enough detail on it to make the eipsode feel like a journey through a hostile land. Six stars for Chromecast support.

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In this hexp,ore, Thomas talks about his very first vlog that was uploaded onto the YouTube channel and some of the Kickstarters that have found their way to the doorstep at The Mega Meeple Studio. If you have any ideas for […]….


Articles for designers, publishers, and other industry professionals. To be fair, the game hasn’t changed a hexlpore deal. He also goes into the aspect of house rules to make a game playable.

An attack that deals damage after a something triggered – Deals 5 Energy damage and if the Energy is depleted also deals 5 Health damage. Games that he bought with every intention of playing but for some reason has never gotten to the gaming table.

Once he reaches a city, it will fall and be replaced by a token. All Video Podcasts Video. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics.

If you have any ideas for topics to be discussed or things to include in the show, please follow and reach out to us at any of […]…. Interviews, strategies, opinions, reviews, previews, walkthroughs, and more…. These Roles are clearly listed and should be easy to pick up without having the symbol on your placard.

I truly feel the pain, and I am thankful you’re willing to stick with us into the future. The link preview is a little mixed up, but this is actually the Floromancer reveal, and has an update on our map as well! Boiling it down to the simplest level possible, HEXplore It is a single, highly variable choose your own adventure that is built around the titular Valley of the Dead King.

If you have any ideas […].

Rules Question After 1 play | HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King | BoardGameGeek

This too should be an easy fix to implement in your games. In this episode, Thomas recalls his experiences at MACE Gaming Con this past weekend and the feeling of being approached by complete strangers. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Either way, it was a fun challenge to match his race with the role of a Cartographer and it felt rewarding to do so.


We’ll be raffling off 5 studio canvas prints! In this episode, Thomas talks about games that have been sent to him for review: In this episode, Thomas rants about alpha players at the gaming table. In this episode, Thomas and Al gaze into their crystal ball to talk about what games they are salivating for in Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

In this episode, Thomas talks about the interview with DnD Grandma. Shikoku review — Stairway to heaven. Going into the future, we don’t anticipate this happening with new product. What makes a good one. In a previous update, you showed us pictures of the expansions and the second core Forest.

In this episode, Thomas rants about the pink elephant at the gaming table: New features frequently added. In this episode, Thomas talks about Village Attacks and how Board Game Geek could hurt the quality of rule books in games.

I had not noticed the book design on the short end of the box previously blush. But that is one of the really good things about FoA and SoS. If, on episod other hand, this is the kind of game that you dreamed about as a child, then purchasing HEXplore It is an absolute no-brainer.