Great cast chemistry right there! A very solid, tense pair of episodes that provides a lot of great backstory. Anagbas brings a woman known as Kotsuhi for his master plan. Kiros thought during the episode that he had controlled both Haruka and Momoko. If we’re going to end it then let’s end it with a BANG! However, the episode soon becomes a race against time, as Mary is infested with a Ground Beast who can bring great harm to the little girl, as well as many others. Episode 38 features Takeru’s past. Episode 8 I like this episode where Momoko and Akira mature in that show.

However it was all a sham which was to fool Kiros, who wanted to get jewels to bribe Ial. Seeing the boy turn into a monster was just really a sad scene This site uses cookies. Episode 18 The doll episode had a lot of nightmare fuel. My favorite part was where Baraba gets the Imperial Underground Sword. She’s lovely as a rose but she’s deadly as its thorns type of female character. Takeru episode but mostly Kiros. However, it might make sense with Igam being behind the plot, as he is very young and naive.

I really felt sorry for Ijin’s situation when he died in here. Episode 23 is well, the epispde knows that “Mio” here is not Mio at all but an underground monster. Igam by manipulating twin girls I guess it’s because she hates the fact she has to fight hers into becoming weapons of destruction.

And to add insult to injury, he gets stabbed by an icicle from the very prison which held Ial, the girl he wanted most. We are a bit closer to Zeba’s real identity. Love all the choreography in that episode. A very good episode, despite the mech battle feeling more tacked on hioari ever. It’s revealed that Zeba had been doing various dangerous experiments on humans thus confirming he isn’t human at all, though Zeba’s true identity is still a mystery.


Takeru episode but mostly Kiros. Though Takeru should probably not wear his jacket senntai a bit considering that was among the features listed… 3.

You could also try to focus on other major anniversaries for your favorite shows before ends. The enemy got so smart in this episode causing Great Five to sink. It introduces more about Commander Sugata’s past with his friend Professor Yamaguchi. The forbidden tomb is hhikari one terrifying episode!

Back then, Inoue’s comic scenes were not blatant And yes, the way he died is the price he pays for what he did.

It’s a pretty genius way to trap one’s rival. Episode 14 explores more about the Tube. Kiros meets his lover Eri. Lives That Disappeared on Hot Sand! Development for the team is again pretty sparse, though the Tube members do get some time to shine. Not msskman, but not really a stand-out, despite some noteworthy things.

Episode Writers’ Analysis Part 2: Hikari Sentai Maskman

The ending, though maybe a bit schmaltzy, is quite moving. Episode 47 is a filler episode of Haruka training a girl in dancing. Another Momoko focus episode. Episode 10 features yet another development for Igam vs.

He spent most of the time out of suit displaying how badass he could get. Not amazing and a bit schmaltzy, but still an alright episode.

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Will Super Sentai be able to save the universe by bringing their Hearts of Justice, together? Episode 20 Another Momoko focus episode. Their battle has just begun. But she lets another little girl who wants it, have it. An Akira episode… and a Momoko episode!


I also felt sorry fro Igam with her continued choice of being blinded and how she was forced to hide her true gender.

Now it’s on to Maskman since I’ll probably arrange the shows I’ve watched from start to end based on their years, not on the sequence. Episode 49 is wrapping up Kiros. In this episode, Akira enters a tournament, which unknown to him, is rigged by the Tube. This arc is episoed follow up to episodes 14 and I love how Takeru did that God Hand, too bad he didn’t do it all that much later. The conflicts are a lot of fun to follow.

An alright episode with some good development for Haruka and a disturbing concept, though somewhat flawed. Another Akira focus episode though Haruka and Momoko get some decent screen time too!

Baraba and Oyobur are stealing electricity so they can easily conquer the surface world.

Watching Summary – Hikari Sentai Maskman Episode 14: The Great Escape to the Blue Sky

Kiros dies in a very ironically pitiful way. Kiros represents lust while Takeru represents love.

We also learn of Igam’s past as a woman raised to be mawkman man. The final list took some thought to finalize: Perhaps he witnessed him in real life? Yeah, it does feel kinda finale-like. The Merume clan will never be mentioned again, though it is somewhat justified given there is only one survivor. It’s also revealed to Ial that Igam was a woman all along.