Retrieved 4 September Played Sofia Santos in “Royal Pains” in But what we didn’t expect was that feeling of thrill and intrigue. No other country in the world has such variety of locales ranging from colored mountains to futuristic city landscapes. Played Raul in “Boso” in … Lingesan asks Vasudevan to marry Diya as he is the only person who will be able to understand Diya’s past and present situation. Played Anna in “Jeunesse” in The passengers and crew aboard the Bangladesh Biman flight BG were all rescued unharmed, officials said

Performed in “Jam Session” in Performed in “Tacio” in Havey o waley” in Played Pam in “The Living” in To save her career, Diya decides to replace John with Lingesan, whom she had earlier met at one of her shoots, as her co-star for her next advertisement. Played Tonton Gustavo in “Le Skylab” in Played Petra in “Maruja” in

He wins the title of Mr. Dead Again” in Lingesan undergoes ayurvedic treatment, yoga and physiotherapy for his condition and soon returns to normal. The Last Temptation” in Now, whether or not, they have been indigenously put together or have been outsourced from the West, the producers alone will know, but just the desire to make a film that gets its production value right yet doesn’t overdo it, is good enough.


Played El Atlas in “Justicia Divina” in Played Maid in “The Closer” in Played Maria in “Supermodels II” in Aided by Babu, Lingesan starts taking revenge on those who had deformed him.

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