Nina realizes that Sarah’s doll is a falcon reflector, just as Jerome steals it for Jasper. She also seems to suggest that Victor killed her parents. However, Patricia has thrown the key out of the window into the bushes. Everyone turns back to normal and don’t remember anything. Harriet took the key from Willow and put it in KT’s pocket to protect her. Eddie leaves to put the staff in its rightful place. Patricia’s mocking causes Eddie to plan an epic prank on Mr. KT runs into Fabian at the school and he tells her that Frobisher is after them and that he can take her to a safe place.

Alfie gets threatened by Frobisher by saying he will get Willow and Alfie becomes the last sinner of anger. Alfie jumps over to get the artifact, when Frobisher is about to look up the chimney. Joy agrees to Mara’s plan to flirt, date, and break Jerome’s heart, but she has some difficulties; Mara learns she is next in line to inherit a Lord’s estate, making Jerome jealous that he has lost an opportunity to be rich; Eddie escapes the crypt after having a vision of Patricia being kidnapped by Denby, Frobisher, and Victor; Eddie goes to the school to find Patricia. Eddie finds the book of the dead, and reveals a clue. They almost have the key off of her when Sweet backfires on Mara, and she is expelled.

Mr Sweet doesn’t housf the gem has been stolen. That night, Senkhara invades Amber’s dreams and attempts to mark her as well. But after a second look, it appears Robert married twice, and had a son who was born the same day as KT’s grandfather. A distressed Fabian goes to tell Mr Sweet everything, but then while Mr Sweet isn’t in the office, he hears Nina calling from underneath realizing that Nina is still alive.

Patricia is working at the Open Day so at least one of them is there. Jerome reads a letter to his mother from e;isode father and makes a shocking discovery. Caroline warns Eddie she will be keeping a very special eye on him. Vera plants the ox bell in his room, but hears Nina and Fabian coming so she hides in the closet.


Eddie becomes very jealous. Patricia gets stuck in the bathroom and accidentally stands Eddie up on their date.

Eddie drops the key and Willow takes it. Sweet and is taken back to Caroline.

House Of Anubis – S2 Ep – video dailymotion

The security cameras are removed and Trudy returns to the house. Jerome attempts to win Mara back. Fabian translates more of the message from the envelope.

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Sibuna learns the terrible truth of Senkhara’s plan; if Nina wears the mask, Senkhara will take her body and become a Goddess, leaving both of them to live and rule in the afterlife forever.

Patricia wears the fake amulet to the tunnels anubid the others aren’t aware she lost hers, and she is blinded. Patricia meets with Dr.

He collapses and is hospitalized. Then he finds his note predicting Vera’s theft. Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr. To the house’s horror, Victor fires Trudy. Sweet and Victor already in there.

Sweet tells Mara that Jasper was the one who secured Vera’s job. Due to Anubia being hexed with memory loss, he calls Joy “Pam” which sends her running out in tears confirming her crush is indeed crushed. Eddie thinks that Patricia on purposely pressed turned the speaker on to get revenge on Eddie.

House Of Anubis – Season 2

Mara overhears Mick saying that he could never see himself with Mara, upsetting the latter. He secretly releases mice in the house to give him a reason to search the bedrooms. Under pressure, Fabian makes a wrong move at Senet and things look even worse for the Sibunas.


Jerome makes a joke about it and embarrasses her in front of eepisode house. Sweet’s office, and it swallows the gem. Clearing in the woods. Aided by the power of Stands, the four men will encounter danger at every street corner, as it is up ajubis them to unravel the town’s secrets, before another occurs.

House of Anubis S01E44,E45 – House of Yesterday & House of Victory – video dailymotion

Fabian and Nina near the end of their search but still have one more place to look for the last puzzle piece, which is in the stuffed black crow in Victor’s office. They put it in the keyhole and vanquish Ammut who takes Miss Denby with her. It is discovered that someone else might have found the path to the Mask of Anubis.

Joy and Jerome wash Mara’s dog epieode their first date and they start to get closer.

At Anubis House, the newbies — Cassie, Erin, and Dexter — have moved in early because of bedbugs in the middle school. Rufus escapes and Jerome asks Nina to protect him from Rufus. Patricia tells Eddie that she was distracting Victor. Alfie saves it to give to Amber, thus passing step one anubks Amber’s dating book.

House Of Anubis – S2 Ep 43-44

Frobisher attempts to capture Mara but Trudy comes and he decides on her instead. KT and Eddie put together the artifacts.

Patricia and Eddie as well as Alfie and Willow are now back together. Jerome’s pretend relationship with Mara comes to an end.