Make sure you know how to restore the original code before attempting to use this patch. I have read carefully this post and i think that someone can help me to mod the DSDT to reduce fan speed. It was many errors in DOS window after compiling. I updated bios to latest and final v. Most people just try and blow dust off the fan which does absolutely nothing. I was wondering if you had used a flux during your reflow process? I did however, try your trick of cutting the white and yellow wires to the fan since I had a spare fan, I had nothing to lose

This is the next area I wish to improve. The fan is just starting when the cpu is already quite hot. File is similar to yours but not exactly the same. All I want is the fan running at a constant fast speed. Those ones should be useful anyway! I’m not terribly attached to this operating system and have backed it up regardless so I’m thinking now to give another operating system a try to see if it is any different.

This could explain the constant 32C but how is the performance with intense processing or playing a game?

Unfortunately there have been some overheating problems that could easily have been avoided. I still think the FRSP method is the key. I’ve read other blogs with similar issues. The videos on the HP website were of course much much better done, and I really regret they’re not available anymore for the public anymore I would appreciate it greatly. If the fan speed is seried high you can lower the TADJ value.

Let me know if this code needs tweaking. Are you adjusting the Local0 value or using the original? Just finished to load the table. I heqtsink some difficulty with it a couple of months ago; no video, and found a place to service it. Thanks for your help but I have none of those options listed in that ehow. I discovered HP made two different heatsinks for these models, and both use copper heat tubes It says it’s for 7 only, but it worked fine on XP. Giorgio23, You did not include the static temperature levels like TP85 so I will have to just assume that TP85 exists.


Count not fv9000 the registry path: Tried it over and over but still same issue.

HP Pavilion Dv9000 Series Cooling Heatsink and Fan 434678-001

The fan solution may be a second fan. Nevermind about my earlier post s. Seriew bad, there is no program, that monitors HP fan speed. As well I’ll fix the heatsink properly.

Shortly after that I noticed that the fan began to run more often at higher speeds. I found this site and used it exaclty as instructed, it worked perfectly. I’m looking at my dsdt code but is different from yours. Yes but when i applied it, windows want boot, restart all the time, i had to do a system restore to fix it.

Cooling Fix for HP Pavilion DV? – Mobile Tech – Level1Techs Forums

Bjohnson, thank you for page about fixing of DV! It’s always a good idea to keep it on a table and have plenty of airflow. Don’t even understand what it does.

Once you find something that works I can add the remaining code to limit the temperature so it does not go above the critical level. Do you know if there a esries to view those videos?

I just have to cut a 1. Normally like nowthe computer has the following: He used it when he was in seminary. So I thought this must be easy.

They seemed like nice computers in their day, but many of them had problems with cooling. I didn’t include the latter half of the code because it did not change.


Did you find out how to monitor GPU temps. Thanks much, Larry Mo and xp will run equus. I have had ample time to test my second reflow of the BGA assembly which seems to have restored my computer back to what it used to be.

Does the fan run fast when you bp games? I didn’t know Lenovo made gaming laptops, but he has one. Also, I am looking into replacing the fan with a more inefficient one to increase the airflow. So this is basically snake oil for laptops?

Now, he has a brand-new flagship Lenovo computer. I suggest that you do a test heahsink first by compiling the original DSDT table and loading it. There is very little airflow from the DV as compared to the other computers. Start using HWMonitor http: Hope you can help me out on that one. I’ve updated my Bios to the latest version and I don’t see this When using asl to recreate the.

Thanks for any help. Rubidze, This can occur when the compiler is a different version than what was originally used. ASL with yours to see if there are differences. Sounds like I’m going to be opening it up again or throwing it away soon. Actually it’s not the joints that are the issue, but the physical die itself becoming bad because of overheating.