Coco July 3, at 9: DramaFever’s only for North America. I totally forgive her for that firecracker incident. Good for him and them! It doesn’t seem likely Su-Ha would attempt to meet him again. The ridiculousness of law professionals overlooking all this key and obvious information was overwhelming. But I’m also joining you in the ocean.

Ohh I hope you are fine too and that you watched CC in the end? Did he like her? Joon-gook lights up in anger, and Su-ha flips the locket on his phone: She asks now if Do-yeon is satisfied, and all the guys look back and forth between them with their jaws hanging open. KW made a choice: If Hamlet had killed his stepfather immediately after his father’s ghost told him what Claudius had done, there would be no play.

More impt, this gives him the chance to fall for her all over again. I do not know why this is in the script.

And as much as I love that Kwan Woo always does the right thing, I don’t think I could forgive him for defending the man who brutally tortured and murdered my mother. To me, his behavior e;isode means he doesn’t trust what HS has been telling him abt Min what’s his name, i.

It’s possible to charge somebody for murder when there is no dead body? I mean, Min Joon Gook may be crazy, but he’s also crazy episodr when it comes to execution and emotional and psychological manipulation.

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Frankly, just do not want to be concerned. D true true, meth kim is always switching sides lol. D I love Do Yeon now!

It is to make Hye-Sung suffer, and SuHa along with her.

She’s becoming a much better person, and her character is definitely deamacrazy likeable now than she was in the earlier episodes. Han Ki Won Supporting Cast. I didn’t think about it at all Had she gotten a bad seed from her biological father, despite the good righteous nurturing he gave her?


And Voixe sure he told Suha what he was doing and why he was doing it. He does not know she has a thought-hearing friend. What she was changing was the “victim” and not preventing him from becoming murderer. Jung woong that bastard is so twisted! It means he isn’t there for her in the bad times that she needs him. Did she cut it off herself to frame dramxcrazy husband so she could run off with her lover?

Tsuna July 16, at 1: Episode 13 Full Episode S 1: I know she admitted that she liked him but, even then, it didn’t have any heart to it. I am hoping we will age well and we age with him because he right now looks like 19 even if he is HS is an actress. The Hye-sung and Su-ha combo in court was interesting because it was a way for SH to harness his powers in court effectively for the first time – by pushing HS in the right direction, and HS using her legal training to apply her arguments in an ‘acceptable’ manner.

Tsuna July 6, at 7: Even if his motives were pure the facts remain that he helped the man who brutally tortured and murdered her mother.

Now we know he doesn’t actually hate SH, except for his superior looks. We still have so many episodes left, but ever since they killed off mom I feel like this show is fully capable draacrazy removing another one of my favorite characters. But I’m loving the journey of emotions they’re giving us so far and I’ll keep on hoping! The guy epsiode jail for that case is Sooha’s grandfather and Sooha’s dad cut off contact when he was convicted of murder.


What a loyal friend.

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My theories goes like this: LOL i would say it’s like cruel city without the drugs but add in a bit of politics. His acting is truly impressive.

Nika July 12, at 7: If Dramacrazy is gone, perhaps that is where you may be able to find some lost shows. Plenty of reasons why, but the main reason is because he keeps making my precious Su-ha cry ;A; still haven’t gotten over Hye-sung’s mom’s death either ;A; 2.

I Hear Your Voice

Joon-gook decides to flee before anyone else comes. Su-ha and Min Joon-gook, standing by a river. This episode was sooooo good, I got chills at the end! What I didn’t see coming was that kiss. I knew we would be in for sadness in dpisode episode, but I didn’t expect to sob along with everyone.

It’s yoir up few hours later. Mom’s murder case and Joon Gook’s “murder” case are the worst, so stupid it’s annoying me so much, I can’t take the show seriously. They are a spoiler in of themselves. Possibly because it is a judge trial, not a jury one? Dramcrazy aside, plotwise this does open up the possibility for a whole host of interesting questions: This writer does beats like that which catch me and my tears unaware.

I guess we’ll have to see how they jear it out: KDaddict Min now only has one hand, I don’t think he will be doing any knocking any time soon.