Amie Farrell as Candace. Carly tripping as she tries to save Freddie blindfolded. How To Search Columbia Walleye http: In the end just as the cops arrive after the screaming, chasing, and fighting Lewbert takes the blame and is arrested for 30 days for stealing TV remotes. Carly tries to prove there’s a Bigfoot creature, a legendary creature claimed to have been seen by many people in the Pacific Northwest , after Bigfoot fever hits Seattle. Elsewhere, Sam and Spencer engage in an intense Retrieved October 14, Carly is determined not to cancel the show since her father will be watching, so she asks Spencer to fill in, which will prove difficult since he has a date that same night that he can’t cancel.

After winning, Spencer uses his scope and spies Carly hanging off the platform. During the webshow, Sam handcuffs Carly to a chair and duct-tapes her mouth shut while asking boys from the Seattle area to apply for Carly’s date. When he angrily spills a bowl of fruit and shoots flare guns, the iCarly gang soon discovers that Marta caused lots of things to go wrong in Lewbert’s life. Sam gets involved, which ends up in her confronting Freddie. Three months later, Freddie pushes Carly out of the way of an oncoming taco truck on the road, saving her life and getting himself injured in the process. Use the HTML below. Sam feels for Carly’s frustration, and hatches a plan to get her a date.

In just hours of Carly and Freddie beginning their relationship, Sam tells Freddie, based on her experience with a boyfriend who sent her bacon, that Freddie is Carly’s bacon, that she only loves him for what he did. Carly, Sam, and Freddie present “iCarly Awards” for unusual successes of their fans one of whom was a guest in the first webcast of iCarly.

Views Read Edit View history. I love this Lowes coupon link it gives me everything and several ways to save money at Lowes — easy free ways. Meanwhile, Spencer takes a job as building watch patrol and tries to catch a criminal, which turns out to be his arch-nemesis, Chuck Chambers whom he was partnered with. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Meanwhile, Spencer had a rock climbing date planned with his new girlfriend Allison. Edit Storyline Carly gets a crush on Freddie because he saves her life and is injured himself in doing so. A few episodes this season and last season were released on the “iCarly Collection” DVD that was released in July But then he realizes he doesn’t want to be dead anymore, because its boring sitting in the house.


However, the app continuously goes off at random times, to which he eventually gives up and sits on the couch.

When the sentence is revealed to be not long enough, he intentionally slaps one of the cops so that he can go to prison for 6 months. Carly gets a crush on Freddie because he saves her life and is injured himself in doing so. After winning, Spencer uses his scope and spies Carly hanging off the platform.

The show consists of Gibby brushing his teeth with mustardthe famous iCarly plays: The group calls Marta and sends her to the main lobby of Bushwell Plaza to surprise Lewbert to make Lewbert happy and to put an end to his bad attitude after getting fed up with it.

iCarly – Season 3, Episode iSaved Your Life –

The two would later be co-stars in iCarly Amie Farrell as Candace. Rabbi Goldman Mary Scheer Sam, however, kidnaps their cat Harmoo just before leaving and they later blackmailed them by telling them that they have to clean up their studio and everything they destroyed, they will shave Harmoo’s fur off if the petographers call their friends Officer Carl and the rest of the police.

Login or Register for free. When he angrily spills a bowl of fruit and shoots flare guns, the iCarly gang soon discovers that Marta caused lots of things to go wrong in Lewbert’s life. How To Search Columbia Walleye http: So, they’re able to undergo tests for space travel, competing against the web show called “Exercise Rocks.

When Freddie helps Gibby’s girlfriend, Tasha, find a gift for his birthday party in the iCarly studio, Tasha accidentally falls on Freddie. A longer and more dramatic climax during Freddie’s regret scene. In the end, the iCarly gang get Principal Franklin back. Freddie learns that Gibby is an amazing kickboxer and is being trained by Sam so that they can fight on the webshow.

Use the HTML below. To use this function you need to have a folkd account. Retrieved October 4, Retrieved from ” https: Carly finding a poster of herself in Freddie’s closet, and being quite amused by the fact that he has one.


iSaved Your Life

Retrieved December 5, Start your free trial. Then Sam has a conversation with Freddie about the accident and realizes that Carly ‘s feelings toward Freddie might have been more of a reaction to him saving her life, rather than about her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Sam and Spencer onkine up against each other in a paintball “assassin” game to see who wins the final round originally Carly and Freddie were part of the game until they lost the first round.

The dentist, Doctor Wheeler, drills Sam’s teeth and eventually uses nitrous oxide.

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Edit Did You Know? Full Cast and Crew. Freddie can finally have everything he ever wanted, but he is faced with a difficult question: When Sam goes to get her phone in Lewbert’s office after leaving it in there during an iCarly prank revenge after he pelted her and Carly with falafel balls for singing in his lobby, she finds a box of his deeply seaosn items, and goes through it in the iCarly studio along with Freddie and Epiaode.

Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out that they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox — and worse, she hasn’t rehearsed or had a hit in seven years.

Eventually Spencer’s date appears in the studio and runs out after being humiliated on the web. Oklahoma, Leverage, Design Sta Freddie inquiring about his mother’s ridiculous spraying routine.

Retrieved March 23, Meanwhile, Spencer sculpts a gigantic pair of pants with some prisoners. Feature Video See why you should use folkd.

The refugees escape, with the trio secured to chairs with Duct Tape. Meanwhile, Spencer develops a crush on Chuck’s sister.

iCarly Season 3 Episode 9 – iSaved Your Life Special Extended

When Iarly tosses down the rope out the window and accidentally hits Sam in the head, and she almost falls. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to exercise daily with the help of a mobile phone application.