Shlok mistakes Astha to be Swati. Niranjan apologises to the family. Niranjan fuels the fire. Astha’s first day at work. Varad spikes Niranjan’s juice. Shlok asked to cook. Astha gets a job. Astha inquire about Swati.

Astha finds a recording. Baba steals from Renuka’s house. Shlok apologises to Kalindi. Anjali asks Astha to cook. Shlok’s voice worries Indrajeet. Astha and Shlok go horse riding. Kavya breaks Niranjan’s stick.

Shlok takes Astha home. Shlok signs the divorce papers. Anjali burns Swati’s belongings. Astha impresses the clients. Abhay arrives to take Jyoti back.

Shlok flirts with Astha. Niranjan thinks he has an allergy. Barkha-Indrajeet argue over Shlok. Renuka apologises to Siddharth. Niranjan visits the old age lhir. Abhay learns about Jyoti.

Shlok confronts Bhai’s associates. Anjali gets a shock at the temple. Varad apologises to Mr.

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Ankush is Kalindi’s son. Astha apologises to Niranjan. Astha and Shlok, glued together. Astha refuses to stay with Shlok.


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Astha mortgages the gold coins. Niranjan apologises to Kavita. Niranjan succeeds in escaping. Shlok impresses Purnima’s friends. Shlok-Astha, hit and miss!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?…Ek Baar Phir – Watch full episode

Shlok mistakes Aditi to be Astha. Shlok divides the house.

Niranjan fuels the fire. Astha withdraws her complaint. Astha and Shlok go horse riding. Niranjan decides to host a party. Astha and Shlok gaar to Shanta’s house.

Baba steals from Renuka’s house. Jyoti sends a gift. Astha escapes from goons.

Astha decides to meet Shlok. Indrajeet signs the bank document. Varad reunites Shlok and Astha.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?Ek Baar Phir – Watch full episode – video dailymotion

Shlok loses his job. Apsara – Indrajeet’s new maid. Shlok sprains his back. Astha’s plan saves Anjali.

Niranjan pretends to be ill. Niranjan to teach Anjali a lesson. Shlok apologises to Anjali. Astha takes Anjali out. Astha apologises to Shlok. Indrajeet prepones the marriage.