Arnav and Sheetal come close and are about to clash. Sheetal hides photos and then puts them away. And Aarav makes the final and crucial points. Aakash says, seriously it was lots of fun. She then says how spicythey are and stuff. Principal tells Aarav, but you were supposed to be in class at this time.

Sheetal says, even I want you to meet your dad, but everything doesn? Arnav says to himself, she got up very fast. Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig. Arnav is sitting outside with his family. This anti-obesity drug is also used for blood pressure control and maintaining the cholesterol level. Join or Log Into Facebook. By seeing movie person experiences refreshment from their day to day life.

Aarav gets happy and thanks her. Nk also wakes up early to encourage allbahus. Sheetal tells him, I used wpisode lose some times. But before they begin.

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I will introduce him to you. Arnav and Sheetal come close and are about to clash.

Sheetal says, in a cafe. He asks her, how is Aarav now. Aarav now goes to Sheetal. He says, I am not upset anymore.


Sheetal apologizes to Aarav. He leaves from there. A movie is used for an entertainment of busy people. When Sheetal comes there, hesays, I also kept this fast so I get a good wife. In her room, Sheetal is looking at some photos. In end Aarav gives up and turns off the music. In her room, Sheetal is looking at some photos. Sheetal comes there and asks, wow can I put mehendi too? Khushi says to Arnav, I can make salad for you too.

Khushi says, wht foul. Nk is waiting for girls team. Khushi goes to the pool side to see ifmoon came out. May 7, at 2: This time naaam make Aarav makes the basket. Khushi as usual is feeling jealous and getting upset.

Aarav says, there was cat here. Even before the blossom of modernization in Indian culture, kurta, sarees, and salwar kameez had been part of India’s unique civilization.

Nk disqualifies mamiji for touching Aarav. Arnav brings food in front of her and asks her to eat. Khushi pyar, I will also play. But from now if anyone makes foul then they will be disqualified.


Make Arnav ill purposely? I could never become his dad. Khushi sees food in front of her eyes and getsexcited.

Khushi is disappointed as after trying so much. In Arnav says, okay. Khushi then asks, what was that?


Anjalisays, it is so much fun. Sheetal says, what are you trying to do? Khushi writte getting nervous seeing them. Aarav sits down beside her and teaches her how to plant trees properly. Episode starts with Khushi rushing out of the teachers room. When are Arnav and Khushi coming to the UK??