On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. Search on popular sources:. Shyam finds out that Arnav and Khushi are not sleeping together when he goes to their room. Nani is furious over shifting of the Tulsi plant, but Khushi puts the blame on Arnav to save Lavanya from Nani’s anger. Arnav cries for Anjali even though she is fine. Khushi wipes her tears with the handkerchief offered by Arnav and returns it to him. Arnav and Khushi stop at a dhaba. All of them are shocked about Shyam living in the house.

This makes Manorama jealous. Shyam tells her that Anjali is ill-treating him. Khushi tells Arnav that he has made her an orphan once again by forcing her to marry him. Meanwhile, Khushi tries to explain the importance of marriage to Lavanya. Later, Anjali tells Arnav about Khushi’s depression, but he disregards her concern. Aware that the water will run out, Khushi delays Arnav’s bathing time. The neighbours come to Madhumati when Arnav’s air conditioner knocks out the power. Arnav and Khushi are locked in their honeymoon suite without phones or electricity.

Akash sneaks into the room where the rasam is happening to get a glimpse of Payal. However, he manages to take the imprint of the key. The doctor tells Kga that Shashi’s condition is critical.


However, she ignores Khushi. Arnav on the other hand, also keeps thinking about Khushi. He then informs everyone about his decision to advance his engagement with Lavanya. As Khushi faints, Arnav decides to drop her home.

Episode #1.166

When Arnav and Khushi fight again, Nani compels Arnav to stay with his family during the fancy dress competition. Meanwhile, Manorama torments Payal, but Akash supports her.

Later, Madhumati tells her parents about Shyam. Anjali informs about the accident and requests not to tell Shyam, Akash and Gupta family.

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Shyam tells her that he is looking for his clothes. Everyone is happy as Akash thanks her for accepting Payal. How do they deal with this situation?

Khush joins the cook in the preparation of bhang. What is the reason behind his decision? Shyam tries to convince Khushi against accepting Anjali’s offer. Manorama accuses Payal and Madhumati of purposely deleting her daughter from the wedding video.

Arnav feels sad to see her being ignored by her family and insulted by Manorama. Meanwhile, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. Meanwhile, Arnav is irritated with Khushi and leaves her at kyq dhaba.

Arnav enjoys the food.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? Season 1 Episode

Akash promises to be faithful to Payal after talking to Kushi about her. Khushi thinks about Arnav and Lavanya’s relationship. Later, Arnav finds his project model broken and blames Khushi for it. Meanwhile, Anjali and Lavanya are busy buying jewellery for the engagement.


Payal tries to hide Akash from Madhumati while he is stuck to a chair.

Later, Nani invites Khushi’s family for the pooja, but Lavanya decides to spoil k. Akash apologises to Payal for hiding the truth about her broken wedding from Manorama.

Arnav and Khushi blame each other for the unplanned meeting.

Later, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. He is displeased when Anjali plays the video of him drinking bhang and dancing with Khushi at the Holi party.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

Raizada family is desolate after the wedding ceremony. Arnav asks Khushi to apologise if she wants her ring back. How will Arnav react?