Arnav says, you also disconnected mine.. He asksher to repeat what office worker said. He tells Khushi, I am tryingto call Arnav but his line is busy and home line is busy as well. Dadi is not happy and leaves from there. Share them privately if needed. Khushi then givesphone to Buaji and leaves from there.

She says, so he? Anjali is disappointed as Arnav didn? I am not his slave. Anjali asks Khushi to perform the rituals as per Raizada’s custom. Nk comes there and says, she? Arnavsays, I just meant that..

Arnav And Khushi Patch Up

Khushi says, so I am a deal for you? Manoramasays, we need to take? Dadi is not happy and leaves from there. Anjali pyaaf disappointed as Arnav didn? Nk tells Arnav, we were just pulling your leg.

March 12, at 1: Khushi says, I don? I am not his slave. Khushi says, nothing is new in that. Arnav says, of course. Drop image epusode here or click to upload.

Khushigoes near phone and then says, let him wait little too now. Arnav says, if I had called you straight way then would youcome? Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Arnavleaves from there with a coconut in his hand. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Episode ends with Khushi’s red face. Nk goes to Arnav and tells him in hisbroken hindi.


She then talks with God and says,you know right how he talked with me.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode shut up and sorry

She gives him a coconut andtells him to break that on Khushi? Khushi isdesperately waiting for Arnav? Nk says what Arnav told him, you can? Nk says,wow this is amazing. Arnav apologizes to Khushi. Khushi is here now. Arnav is notsaying anything.

Nani says, next is haldi. Khushi is shocked as he recognized her. She says, but he won? Nani says, Khushi did what a good bahu is supposed to do. She then decides tocall by herself.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 340

Khushisays to herself, huh? Aaksh says, you told us to get rid off of this decoration right? Arnav disconnects the phone.

So she says, don? Nk says,whatever had to happen is happened. Arnav says, great thenlet?

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Episode I Love Nasm, Dammit! Worker says please give him this informationurgently. Nani and Anjali arrange honeymoon for the couples in Raizada Nk says, this ritual is required to end this rishta. Join or Log Into Facebook. Arnav tells him, go and tell her not to show?


Khushi rushes to Arnav? Khushi says to herself, him and sorry? Nani comes there and says, Anjali is right. He tells her to go to Arnav and tell him thatsome deal is cancelled for which he was very nervous. Anjali asks Khushi to perform the rituals as per Raizada’s custom.

Because my Shyam has cameback. She then sendshim a text message saying, sorry for not picking up phone before andthen talking in Buaji?

Khushisays, so what do I do? Nk comes there and says, she? He told me everything and Iknow, you? Khushi says, he got ears or?