Epilepsy is as old as mankind. In writing such an opinion I’ve condemned many people and potentially made many enemies, but I’d rather do this than obscure the ugly truth behind a thicket of psychobabble and inappropriate medicalization of social problems. Jani’s friend Briana introduces us to one of her hallucinations, Seven. Sorry that I left this comment unpublished for so long! A scan of his head revealed he had less than 2 percent of a brain. Synaesthesia, a highly heritable condition. If she were to die tomorrow, I will be blessed for the years that I knew her.

I have no interest in mixing with the unwashed masses on FB and getting involved in some squalid Facebook brawl. Over the past 15 years of extensive, rigorous research, it has been proven that schizophrenia develops as does the prefrontal cortex when neurons are disconnected and misfire. I think it would be interesting to see what Jani has to say about all of the speculation on her condition when she gets older. Delivering an argument is different to writing an insult or a bald assertion or making unverifiable claims about first-hand knowledge or experience. I’d like permission to share this article. We used to believe that the world was flat. Jani’s parents can say anything about this matter, and I don’t think they need fear being contradicted by doctors, because doctors have a professional obligation to maintain patient confidentiality. I’m sorry to read that your daughter has such troubles.

Over the past 15 years of extensive, rigorous research, it has been proven that schizophrenia develops as does the prefrontal cortex when neurons are disconnected and misfire.

Anon, my personal view is that Jani is definitely a synaesthete, and I doubt that synaesthesia and schizophrenia would be found together, for 2 reasons. When I was a child, I also created imaginary friends out of each personified number, in the form of a colorful talking cat which I called the “tabis”.

Jani’s family gets help from psychology interns who help her family while studing her schizophrenia. In anycase she is an interesting case. Again, and bad jokes aside, so glad to see this convo.


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Clearly Jani is imagining or experiencing personified joueney. BUT with MANY cases of OLP what they see is numbers and other objects as a specific colour or shape or painting that when mixed with other numbers and objects they form a different identity they easily recognized, hence savants in some case. And you need to put the idea of Jani having achizophrenia into its proper persepctive. This is most certainly NOT what is found in Jani’s case.

Wwatch is still learning how to cope with autism, and his parents are working with specialists to get him the treatment he needs.

Hundreds of thousands of scientific journal articles and scholarly books in many different professions have been published about schizophrenia. Newer Post Older Post Home. I have no interest in mixing with the unwashed masses on FB wathc getting involved in some squalid Facebook brawl. I am not sure that jahi world-creation should be collated with the “hallucinations.

Cause ppl lose their lives way too soon. Why is this obvious fact about Jani being overlooked or ignored? The others were discovered to be misdiagnosed prior to being admitted. That’s what I recall, anyway. Please keep in mind how rare and IQ of is supposed to be. Internet newspaper content to be no longer free?

Doctors have to try many medications or combinations to find something that works. Nobody yet told me about my diagnoses, and not until journeyy school did I know about synesthesia.

And she does show many of the symptoms that children with schizophrenia usually have, like antisocial behaviors and strange movements in the hands, as well as abrupt speech patterns.

It seems that you are biased in regards to the mental healtch profession.

The Children’s Inn has so much to offer families. I always need to be convinced that there isn’t anything wrong with the adults parents, school, teachers, child care before I will believe that there is something wrong with the kid. Haven’t I explained this all before in these comments? At least you have brought synesthsia to their attention.


Remember, as victims of original sin we will suffer all manner of human weakness, physical, mental, and spiritual. I’d hate to see her when cameras are off.

Born Schizophrenic: Jani and Bodhi’s Journey

Munchausen’s by proxy is a closer diagnosis than schizophrenia. The female synaesthete patient was apparently prescribed antipsychotic medication similar to the type of drugs given to Janiuntil her parents did some research, found out about synaesthesia and shared this information with their daughter’s doctor.

I’ve never heard of any objective test for schizophrenia. Jani displays tics and flaps her hands, but a diagnosis wathc autism or Asperger syndrome has reportedly been considered but rejected by clinicians. I’m certainly no expert on psychosis, but I suspect that this might be an important hint that Jani’s experience is imagination or confabulation and not psychosis.

Isn’t Jesus believed to have healed some people during his life? I was happy to stumble upon your blog and read an watcch response backed by what appears to be obvious knowledge of the subject matter.

Certainly Jani seemed to be seeing things that weren’t there, but that could be explained as synaesthesia. As for ‘January’ clashing with her self image. Is there any specific document where it is mentioned that this person is a synaesthete or a description of their synaesthesia experiences? Thank you for your comment Lili Marlene.

My child is actually very jni here.