Where is he, Master? What the hell is this thread even around for?? Hopefully, Mickey Suttle and me can work something out with the little old fat man, to truly tell the definitive final chapters of the saga May 9, 6. No, Dooku did the ordering, and knew things full well. Well if he suggested there be a clone army made then it might persuade some of the other masters to agree.

Could Sifo Dias have been Qui Gon? The time now is He might have been struggling to say the name “Sideous” but in his mispronunciation Obi-wan assumed he said the name “Sifo-Dyas”. Who in the world was he? I am sorry master. Fettster , May 11,

Sifo Dias in episode I was the guy with the long neck, and small head Because Sifo-Dyas never really actually ordered any clones, but everyone was meant to think he did. The character of Sifo-Dyas is never mentioned again.

Who exactly was Master Sifo-Dias?

He died after Qui-gon went back to Naboo. I haven’t that’s why I’m asking.

Darth Luke i think so aswell but whos EU? So My thought is that Sifo Dias Is the eperor. Vanquish Sifo Dias was a jedi master on the council at the time just before Phantom menace. George, is Dooku Sifo Dyas? mawter

REVELATION: Darth Maul was Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas

I don’t think it was Count Dooku cause jedii Obi Wan interogates Jango Fett, Jango admits he was recruteted by a man called Tyrannus Dooku but he says he never heard of eisode Sifo Dias, so why would he tell the truth first and lie later, doesnt make sense to me It has to be!!!


The Jedi Master with the long white beard was Oppo Rancisis. That I AM the virgance. Imagine someone who speaks a foreign language trying to say a name and you here a few fragments and assume they mean “Tom” when in fact they mean to say “Tim”. But I can say that your way off track.

Originally posted by SlickRick69 s i f f o d y a s: Pffft, everyone knows Luke is really Sifo-Dyas We all have to remember that Lucas made all this as he went along So that could not be possible Yea I do not think that Darth and Sifo is the same person.

Youre Not Thinking Correct Wow and sometimes I wonder why I dont post here as much Darth Luke well i only saw this thread because someone brought it back up atila the great why is this jedk still open?

Wow, I never expected this question to touch off so much controversy. I too previously raised the question: Yes, hardened warriors – Oh, I nearly forgot. He died during Phantom Menace though. Master Yoda, are you Siffo Dyas? However, I do think this question is a bit deeper than “general reference”. I can’t wait for Episode 3 to be over, so all these pointless threads jei be gone.

Sifo-Dyas’ identity was already laid out in Labryinth of Evil. Fan Made Replicas Props: In The Phantom Menace the movie! LandoSpeeder2 I don’t think he is tattooed is he, he’s a different sifo-dyzs. Sifo Dias will be seen in that visionaries comic since his blood supposedly was transfused into Grievous. Never seen that before the name.


I’ve heard others on the Jedi Council talking about ‘a virgance’ in the Force. Please Master, I must know! Ushgarak As ever, this theory is utterly ridiculous- there is no way Maul would not have been recognised for who he is. Delta 62 Sifo Diyas was killed by Dooku shortly after he ordered the army. He went on to liase with Jango Fett, the clone template, and oversee the completion of the order.

Shame on you all. That he and Sidious had planned this since Palpatine’s election?

Sidious, shortly after the death of Sifo-dyass, sought out a new apprentice. Anikan did have a blue lightsaber through out the movie, before he was captured, it was destroyed In the droid factory when the Jedi came into the Geonosin arena, two jedi had two lightsabers, they gave one to Obi-wan, and one to anikan, the one they gave to anikan was sifo-cyas.

Last Jump to page: SithSpy I personally cant belive this topic has warrented 72 replies in the Ep. The father of the Clone Army, I am He died before Count Dooku joined up with Sidious. Who exactly was Master Sifo-Dias?