Well at least now it’s confirmed that Mayu is indeed a Rider and the identity of the White Wizard has been revealed. It’s like his plan almost backfired. But even if I’m wrong a d it is the same then I don’t care its cheaper for Toei, so I don’t care, so long as Mayu kills Medusa rather than Beast of Wizard ill be happy. Watch out in the coming weeks! I was hoping something like “Kamen Rider Majo Witch “. Why White Wizard and Wiseman want to evolve Wizard? Mayu turns into Kamen Rider Mage.

Looks more likely that since mayu now got the similar skills like the white wizard she is becoming the next white wizard Mmm i wonder if Fueki the white wizard has a relationship with wajima which will be that they been friends for a long time and which is the reason why fueki creates more rings for him. Watch out in the coming weeks! He sees Haruto and Mayu as pawns to his plans. I’m anonymous june 17 you can call me test Bahamut looks so much like phoenix. I agree with you that White Wizard and Wiseman are not the same person but have connection. The original Sabbath was done by W. What an awesome plot twist.

May wizardd, at June 17, at 5: Ok here’s what I’m thinking for Wiseman and White Wizard. May 31, at 9: Reminds me of the riottroopers from faiz.

May 30, at 7: And finally Mayu’s return along with White Wizards identity which I think is Wakajima’s brother which is why he looks the same in the silhouette when although not confirmed he was found in the cave as Wiseman. I agree with you that White Wizard and Wiseman are not the same person but have connection.

It looks like there is at least four more episodes that are filler, with the Bahamut and Slyph phantom. Kida will write episodes 38 and 39 which is where Fueki White Wizard will make an appearance and will tell haruto’s story before he became wizard.


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May 29, at 2: In the said place, anyone can transform into Kamen Rider Mage using the belt similar to that of the White Wizard’s. He is also the jfeusion. White Wizard is the man called Fueki.

Also I called it, the white wizard is evil. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Yo can see the ring on her hand with the Driver On ring on the other hand. In the next episodes, we can finally see Haruto’s back story and the real identity of the White Wizard. Tune in next time!

Also, how come every wizard-based rider’s driver looks the same except Wizard’s? The movie also looks pretty cool.

Why would Wiseman give people the means to destroy his soldiers and hold his plans back? Sure she has elisode generic mage suit at first, but I think Toei will tweak the mage suit to make it a little different.

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Mayu, shunpei, and rinko all have the same ring and driver so they’ll have the same form. I really hope Mayu gets her own, unique powers. Mayu is mage NO its not even confirmed i admit that the ring sure look alike but its blur how come you all so sure that is mage ring maybe its another ring and i’m sure toei know that if mayu become mage, many people will be dissapointed and the rating will go down. It’s like his plan almost backfired. Wiseman somehow broke free of Fueki and began doing what he is doing with the Phantoms 2.

I was hoping something like “Kamen Rider Majo Witch “. The white wizard has his own agenda, he doesn’t favor anyone. And I thing white wizard like picorro from dragon ball he must remove he darkside and he dark became wiseman because if he have dark side he will become dark rider I think female rider have probability fell love with main rider like in ryuki, decade, fourze I’m sorry if I wrong I see in this is Rinko I don’t know Mayu fell or it’s became love war Mayu vs Rinko to win Haruto love just kidding I’m sorry is my english bad.


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Now this could mean one of two things in my mind: I’m anonymous june 17 you can call me test Bahamut looks so much like phoenix. Another Phantom to be featured in the show, Sylph. Wiseman and Fueki are the same person but Fueki doesn’t know it, maybe it’s a split personality kind of thing where Fueki is a good guy and is trying to stop Woseman and Wiseman is the villain trying to start the Sabbath. Another new movie rider. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Probably Mayu will first episod as KR Mage as she still in training and only later, close to the end of the serie, before her final fight with Medusa she will became a new KR Witch kamej something like thisbut I think this will be a kameen only form Rider in the serie, maybe only will got a Alternative or Final Form in a future Movie Taisen or in a Special Movie like Accel.

So it’s a confirmed 5 maybe: