Thirdly, you have no sympathy for key characters because it all could have been avoided if they just went on the trip they planned they might have been lying on a beach somewhere. Sarah also encounters a winged creature before finally freeing Kevin. Upon landing in Israel, Kevin convinces the girls to change their plans and join him in Jerusalem. Sarah would rather figuratively let down her hair and literally go down on Kevin in a bar bathroom. Sarah soon realizes that Rachel has been infected as well when she is scratched by a demon. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

With the script in need of a revision for its final 10 or 15 pages, there should be an outrageous ending leaving viewers gape-mouthed in a manner that plot and premise seem to promise. Some historical sites, ancient architectures and religious landmarks are shown in the film. When I was sent a screener of the film, I gave it every bit of my full attention. I thought the idea was good and the whole google glasses idea gave a point of view film with a bit more camera stability than the usual ‘found footage’ types. From the cheesy fake accents from “Indiana” to the cringe worthy dialogue, there is seriously absolutely nothing redeemable about this film. Also, can found footage horror films stop doing that thing where the audio and video cut in and out intermittently when so much as gently tapped? Going into a network of dark underground caverns during the apocalypse is about as smart as going into the insane asylum

Characters explore an asylum in one scene as screaming lunatics lunge and hands thrust from windows while lights strobe in the background. Your email address will not be published. The local media reports it as a potential terrorist attack and that the inhabitants should leave Jerusalem.

That’s a tough one to answer and something only you can answer for yourself. Going into a network of dark underground caverns during the apocalypse is about as smart as going into the insane asylum The entire film is seen through Google Glass. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Go watch the minions. As a confirmed horror fan I can safely say I’ve seen hundreds if not more films of the genre,and believe me when I say I’ve seen some stinkers and this one is right up there.


I was so happy what happened at the end. On the bright side, the Google Glass does provide a couple of laughs like when funny cat videos pop into the screen during a tense moment and also the face recognition feature enables one of the creepy twists near the end of the film. There is your typical American student type of vacation seeking characters who are way in over their head. It also opts for smart glass gimmick which can be a nifty addition at times, however the first person endeavor in horror genre is a bland and tired one, a spectacle many others of its peer has done better.

Overall, story line is bit disappointing. Additionally ingenious is the religious apocalypse angle.

Intwo priests are called to record an event at Jerusalem. You are well met to have read this far then. Two friends have their holiday in Jerusalem thrown into chaos when a biblical prophecy begins resurrecting the dead.

‘JeruZalem’ Aims For Holiness But Settles For Peasantry [Review]

And even after the movie we know so little about what actually happened. Kevin warns Sarah that Rachel’s condition is contagious and that she jerkzalem eventually change and attack them.

So do yourself a favor and steer clear. Virus and Possession Horror Favorites.

In fact, the main characters get annoying towards end of the movie. Kevin tells Sarah jeruzalek theory that people are returning from the dead and religious leaders are keeping the impending biblical apocalypse a secret.

Furthermore, a camera has three main things going for it: The movie started out great and the concept was fantastic. Some historical sites, ancient architectures and religious landmarks are shown in the film. Yes, the synopsis might sound corny, spoilerrs the potential was there for something dark, mysterious, subtle and of course creepy as spoikers. The apocalypse starting, demons attacking, the dead rising. Sarah tells Rachel that something feels strange and they should move on to Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem is shut down for Yom Kippur.

When they return to the hostel, they find that Jerusalem is under siege of the army and curfew and no one can leave the place that is under attack of demons.



The ‘ tall demon walking around like Godzilla was copied for sure. Because in my opinion that’s something that hasn’t been exploited by Hollywood yet. There is a scene that looks like king kong or whatever. Tomer and Yehuda join them along the way. As for the so-called “Heroine” A few of its original scenes are incredibly stupid, showing a mentally disturbed man running around in biblical costume, riding a bike or mumbling incoherently in close up or at precarious time.

The idea behind the movie is not badbut it ends in a bad movie. Yoav Paz, Doron Paz Stars: However, Sarah convinces Kevin to take Rachel with them and have her see a doctor once they escape from the city. Of course they are out for sex and things all do work out fine until two fighterplanes are flying over Jerusalem and do drop a bomb.

Once in Jerusalem, they find themselves in a curfew and the city is under attacked by mysterious creatures. Soldiers gun down King David, dispersing the crowd to find other ways out of Jerusalem. Two young American girls fly to Israel to visit TelAviv, on the plane they know Kevin and decide to stay in Jeruzalem. There was not a moment in the film where it made me want to pee in my pants.

It’s all filmed from the smartglasses from one of the girls. To think these two young girls went to another spoilfrs to go to a place you didn’t research for your vacation and hook up with MEN, not some girls that could assure you a better chance of safety, but MEN they knew nothing about.

The movie has some interesting biblical mythical demon and monsters. Jeruzalem is a kind of found footage flick were things go awfully wrong when jovie underworld breaks free in Jeruzalem.

Jeruzalem Review (2015)

I think the idea for this movie is great. Now, i personally love well done found-footage horror movies but this is just plain annoying.

What immediately follows, however, is more scary.