As mentioned in other reviews the shots of the city are excellent and I found the film to be well paced. The inexplicable insistence on dragging a bitten and obviously infected friend along with you. If they had made her a smarter, savvier girl then this movie would have been fantastic. When they visit the Western Wall , Sarah wishes for her recently dead brother Joel to return. Yehuda shoots at her, but she kills him. From dear old dad, Sarah has just received a swanky new Google Glass headset, which is already a perfect birthday gift for her girlfriend getaway in Tel Aviv with gal pal Rachel. After immediately mocking the superstitious locals, they make the acquaintance of Omar, a confidently westernised regional guide, after discovering their common interest is smoking weed. The thing that bother me the most about this movie is the main character.

Tomer moves to execute her, but Omar stops him at gunpoint. Had JeruZalem taken the second act of destruction and chaos and amplified it into something big and thrilling, this movie would probably become a fan favorite. Kevin introduces Sarah and Rachel to his friend Omar, who runs the hostel in Jerusalem with his father Fauzi. These girls were doomed even if the gates of hell hadn’t opened because of their own stupidity. Also doing a lot of things wrong you know the whole “don’t go into that house” thing, where for no apparent reason at all people do actually go in First of all I think some reviews are a tad harsh!

‘JeruZalem’ Aims For Holiness But Settles For Peasantry [Review]

Videos 3 days ago. If you’re into biblical history and know what they’re referring to this could of been a good movie if it weren’t for the the character Sarah, man this girl was SO annoying. There is your typical American student type of vacation seeking characters who are way in over moovie head. Doron Paz featured jeruZalem Yoav Paz.


All of them except one don’t feel creepy one bit, unfortunately. A winged creature suddenly attacks Tomer and everyone flees. The story was good but there are some elements missing like how it all began and why does it happen so suddenly and what is the connection between the 3 religions and Sarah’s brother to the events. However, Sarah convinces Kevin to take Rachel with them and have her see a doctor once they escape from the city.

A visually well made movie. The plot goes like this: With the script in need of a revision for its final 10 or 15 pages, there should spoilefs an outrageous ending leaving viewers gape-mouthed in a mkvie that plot and premise seem to promise. She probably would of played the main character better. Spoiles seriously, worst movie EVER.

Is that all you know how to say? If you can stand a character like that and have some time to kill, then go for it.

A monster confronts Sarah and her Google Glass uses facial recognition to identify it as her brother Joel. As the three are living it up there, all Hell breaks loose quite literally and the three have to run for their lives through the maze of streets that is the Old City in Jerusalem, which is where some of jerjzalem holiest sites on the planet reside.

Jeruzalem Review (2015)

Her dumb choices in the movie is what made me dislike her character. The highlight of JeruZalem is definitely the old city itself The Google Glass POV is a great idea I must admit,probably the only positive thing I could say about it, but that alone can’t keep this total mess from falling apart. The plot of Jeruzalem is rather simple. There is a scene that looks like jeduzalem kong or whatever.


I stopped watching at one point because of how much I hated everything about this film and came back to it later to finish it. When the winged CGI-enhanced creatures come, their presence initially mistaken for a terrorist attack, they are seen and heard through a blur of ‘ohmigods’ and interruptive on screen ‘webcam’ digital distractions — rock music, message alerts and ‘comedy’ adverts.

I like the movie! Fighter planes pass overhead as explosions start rocking the city.

This is so reliant on that style that it plays like a computer game. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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As mentioned in other reviews the shots of the city are excellent and I found the film to be well paced. How this sets this movie apart from other found footage films is mivie.

The apocalypse movie This Is The End obviously inspired the script writer in this movie. An error has occured. The characters’ action often left me bemused, with the IDF straying away from their mission to escort a girl in the asylum not happening in real life, ever.

Upon landing in Israel, Kevin convinces the girls to change their plans and join him in Jerusalem. On the bright side, the Google Glass does provide a couple of laughs like when funny cat videos pop into the screen during a tense mofie and also the face recognition feature enables one of the creepy twists near the end of the film.