So, long story short, we saved the world! He’s my friend, he’s always there for me. Now what do we do? I am Zorag The Destroyer! Well, my short answer is, we don’t want to go anyway. Ugh, I hope Zorag enslaves all you nitwits. He drains peoples’ blood, I drain husbands’ bank accounts.

I’m sure it’s better than Mrs. We spray good goo, ghosts go bye-bye. Nobody puts Rhoda in a corner! Well, I don’t want to eat my own underwear now! The only thing permeating the roof is your perfume. Oh, go stick your paw in a bee hive.

I am the Codemaster. Doesn’t that mean Zorag is coming? Anyway I love all your spooky decorations, Mrs. That’s the third time today.

Jessie – S 3 E 1 – Ghost Bummers

This is not some Halloween prank! Elisode, I thought I felt an evil presence permeating the roof. I just want to carve you up and bake you in a pie. I’m going to crash Chesterfield’s cool adult party.


Ghost Bummers

Did you fall asleep at Mrs. So, what was I like when I was possessed? Maybe Bertram did see a ghost! Wow, your eyes are really red. I believe the words you’re looking for are, “thank you, Chubby”. Let’s light her up! What are they doing to that middle gargoyle?

We spray good goo, ghosts go bye-bye. BTW, if you gargle with salt water, it’ll clear that throat thing right up! Chesterfield’s boring adult party? Oh, go stick your paw in a bee hive. The time has come to open the door. Two possessed people, the Doorkeeper and the Codemaster, will come together and use an ancient code to summon the demon Zorag!

Hey Jessie, hey Jessie. And my long answer is It sounded better in my head.

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You dare stand in my way? He drains peoples’ blood, I drain husbands’ bank accounts.


Oh, Bertram, I was just about to say you, too. There’s no way that “In one years, a door between worlds will open, bringing forth an evil spirit named Zorag, who will destroy the world”.

He was the first person to attempt four consecutive ‘s. I have a sneaking suspicion that was the code. I discovered something very creepy about our building! And I don’t want to let them down, down, down. It has its roots in the “ghost comedies” of the s and s. She probably dated him in college.

I’d really like to invite you, Barbara Barbara? No, they’re just sleeping. What’s it gonna take to get into this party?