She again got another encounter with Sanada as he helped her out while she told him about the play as he agrees. As explained earlier to open a cafe, they all decided to go to the Jewel Academy to open the said cafe by bus. As she worries about this, Chiari and her friends were busy with another class session in the academy regarding idioms. As Coal finally arrived at the Bazaar, where he decided to buy something. Garnet thought on the idea to construct something out of snow to impress the customers in the cafe as everyone agreed on the idea. Yuku explained that he met her 10 years ago when he was a puppy. However for Garnet, her luck became bad as she checked her Jewel Pod and tried to back away as she accidentally tripped.

With no choice, Ruby tried to use her magic to stop them, but Chiari’s group became encased in food costumes as Chite’s group starts chasing them on hunger. However as they looked at the photos on Ruby’s Jewel Pod, they all noticed that it moved while they’re taking pictures. The next day, everyone were all busy practicing for the upcoming competition, while Nene and Sapphie set up some drinks for them. Chiari is agitated on how Ruby busted their cover back at the hall as the others were not that lucky to get near the boys due to being Junior High Schoolers. As he went back to the girl’s dorm, he is greeted by Nobara, giving him a bowl of dog food for him to eat and also dressed him up in a blue dress. As they all making some good progress and Ruby is relaxing, Rald, a Giant Panda Jewelpet popped out and surprised Ruby. The two were deciding to ignore him until he offers them some pudding, but Kosuke interfered and scolded him.

FantasyMagicShoujo. After then, the two were eipsode strolling around the campus talking about her bad luck and how she must be prepared for what’s gonna happen.

After getting the first Magic Jewel for the Jewel Box, Chiari and her friends decides to work for the cafe full-time. However the aircon spew out a lot of thrash, almost burying both Ruby and Garnet and the whole room episde hotter. The girls asked for their help to search for Jewelina as they accepted, and then went to the Star Lake, where the girls are shocked to see the water became one giant milk pool.


Ruby was proud on how Chiari approached him. Back at the classroom, Kohaku starts to hang out with the guys and examines how they do their daily studies, however it proved to be very annoying to the others throughout the entire day.

Everyone were shocked as the new cafe may pose a rival in jewwlpet as he left. Jewelpet Happiness Official Illustration Art for the series, showing the main characters. The magic burst then landed somewhere in the part and into a doll where its eyes ominously glow red. A while later, things didn’t go well for him and Angel as they both relax in a tree and talked about what happened.

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However as they arrive, the cafe is worn down and haunted as Chiari, Nene and Ruruka passes through and were late in class, The trio saw the Jewelpets happjness hand an unexpected meeting with each other and introduced themselves. Ruruka calmed Labra down and agrees to be her friend as the two will develop some strange relationships.

However, their attempts all ended in failure as the new cafe is showing off much better stuff and driving their customers away. As Sapphie used her magic to shield it from the rain, Azusa explained to her that the little halpiness is for a Rose-Growing contest. With having no happimess but to redo her homework, Garnet has her own problem as well regarding Vegetable related dishes that should be served in the cafe. Machiko on the other hand again worked hard on her manga and then went back to Labra to see it was ok for her, only getting rejected.

Tata, a Squirrel Monkey Jewelpet, is leaving town one night due to his disappointment at not getting his own Magic Gem. Sanada then appeared and gave Chiari an advise on how to cheer up on Marie’s problems. Angel is giving him some more praise until Coal received a pamphlet from episoce sky regarding the bazaar and decided to go there, not knowing about Angel’s plans. Seeing her new invention, it can serve as a chance to fight against the Red Moon’s influence.

Azusa however stated that even the small things can make people happy but Titana ignores it. Epixode on, the three decided to see Marie concentrate until she was interrupted by a passing-by fish, which annoys her.

The next day, the girls finished their work and were all tired. As it begins, the girls and the pets take the first lesson about admiring themselves, on which Nene came on top. As he continues his routine and the pets laugh on his jokes, Sapphie explained to the girls that Titana is an expert comedian who won the Jewelpet funny faces competition, much to a surprise to the girls that his jokes only affect the Jewelpets.


Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chiari is agitated on how Ruby busted their cover back at the episodd as the others were not that lucky to get near the boys due to being Junior High Schoolers. However, Marie, Nobara and Mutsumi overheard them tried to use this chance to get her own magic gem.

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They were then greeted by a panicking Ruby, telling them what happened but shifted her focus to Sanada, making Chiari blush. As the others knew she had bad luck, Garnet stated she will endure it for her to get her Magic Jewel. The boys just greeted the pets as they left, making them sad before Marie and Nobara greeted them before everyone left, making Marie mad.

As they encountered Angela and Rossa, she invited E;isode to play with them. Sapphie is having a hard time with the jewellet wanting to help with their homework as Ruruka saw a crowd and Azusa tried to calm them down. Later on Garnet cut off the wool on her body and used her magic to create scarfs and body warmers. He himself somewhat bragging about his partnership with Sapphie in front of others as he then greeted Angela and treated her as a customer.

Chari looked at her and spit her drink out and the pets were surprised on what she did.

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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. As they were late for class, they both left the dormitory and hastily went to the happinfss, discussing about Marie’s sudden bad luck as she tries to shake it off. Ruruka came up with an idea and decides to help Angela out until Jewelina called Asano through the academy.