Due to this, Chiari and both Ruby and Garnet decided to do their best as well. At the academy, Rin also used her magic to pull a prank on Chiari, embarrassing her in front of class and another to Labra, Angela and Rossa, which ruined their hard work on putting the clothes up for drying. She then shifted her focus to Machiko but then ignored her. She then decided to ask anyone to be their friend, only ending up in failure. Outside, Garnet herself is thinking if she had to transfer to the new cafe and work as a manager until she encounter the couple working in the Jewelpet Cafe. After the girls had lunch, Nene left the group and when to the Library while Chiari and her friends went back to the Jewelpet Cafe, only finding out that the place is not open during Lunchtime.

At Marie’s booth, which is decorated in an over the top fashion, both Marie and Nobara were selling their old stuff as Coal passed by. And Sango, Sakuran and Rossa were chosen to perform on stage while Alphes is watching them from a distance. Back at the cafe, Ruby, Garnet and Sapphie were super busy preparing for the cafe’s opening in lunch as Garnet complained on where Labra went. Back at the Jewelpet Cafe, business is usual serving the customers as Marie, Mutsumi and Nobara were discussing about the scary Red-Eyed dragon she saw. Nene told them not to as they tripped but then they saw a statue of a Jewelpet in the garden. Rossa herself is peeking in the windows and wonders on one idiom as she is secretly being watched. Retrieved from ” https: Back in the bazaar, a little girl is passing out some lost and found pamphlets regarding her missing doll looking like Angel as she reached Ruby’s booth.

She then thanked him for carrying the dairy as he left. Chiari and Ruby were again late for class as the storm out of the dormitory and into the academy in a hurry. Back to the classrooms, Taira, Sanada and Mouri overheard him about his secret problems as they also getting worried. Garnet arrived with a bouquet of roses as she is happy that she bought a lot of stuff, knowing that being chosen as the new manager is getting on her ego.

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The girls asked for their help to search for Jewelina as they accepted, and then went to the Star Lake, where the girls are shocked to see the water became one giant milk pool. Both of them happpiness it to the park and go look for her, until Chiari spotted Labra, Angela and Rossa in the park. The Jewelpet Cafe is once again bustling with customers as Garnet is very happy in hoping to be the most popular Jewelpet.


The girls and the pets in the Jewelpet Cafe attended the live jeweloet of Takumi Asano, with them admiring his looks and skills during the event. Rossa woke up from a dream about dancing with brown bears as she begins her day in Jewel Land. That night, Sachi was puzzled on what happened to her and why she’s behaving strangely and decided the next day to do her best in her practice.


Happpiness Nene and Rurka think this hurts until they heard Angela as they went to look for her but they saw Asano playing a game. Now, she and her episodw now must work together for the cafe to prosper, stick together through good and bad luck as well as protecting the Jewel Box from being stolen.

Garnet tried to ask Marie about this however both her and Nobara are asleep. Happines to their dismay, Lapis is going too far on executing the Red Moon’s plans. Chiari agrees to have a day off with Ruby until her roommates wanted her to check her fortune. Ruby suggested to consult Peridot, one of her close friends, about her fortune to see if she will have good luck today. Later on inside, Chiari is worried about her summer assignment as the other girls cheered her up.

However as soon as they were gonna resume on decorating, Chite’s group barged in and starts to ruining everything and noticing Charlotte is with them. The next jewelpwt, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka, roommates who attend the prestigious Jewel Academy were preparing for school as Chiari checks her fortune.

Chiari, Nene and Ruruka tried to know what he’s saying, though Angela said he can’t speak human language unlike the other Jewelpets as she explains that Rald works for the Circus somewhere in Jewel Land. Happiness is confirmed to have two official songs. She was very nice and also motherly, and Yuku considered her a mother. Sapphie also thanked Epiosde for the idea on decorating the place with flowers, which flatters her.

As she used her magic to make it nice and cold, the girls were overwhelmed by the cold until Taira saw the girls and gets her to safety and Ruby used her magic to get the others out. As the school grounds, Sakuran, Sango and Rossa were pounding mochi the traditional way while Nene checks their hard work. He wanders around the park, sad and worried with any job. Charlotte in the other hand is deeply confused on the entire holiday while talking to Ruby and the others, convincing her to down a costume for this year.

Rossa herself were happy about her arrival as the she introduced the girls to Yanma, the brown bear and Arisa, Rossa’s teacher in the Brown Bear school and Azusa’s relative.

Nene is asking the three what ideas they should give her, pretty much giving the three a hard time. Peridot showed them the orange with the other amused on how powerful the moon it in bringing happiness. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were worried about how Nephrite is behaving due to falling in love with Sapphie and about his personality.

They told her that they also can’t keep up with the new cafe taking over their sales but never tried to give up. As they all making some good progress and Ruby is relaxing, Rald, a Giant Panda Jewelpet popped out and surprised Ruby.

The girls do agree that she is being honest for once, but they never knew Marie is using this as another excuse as Marie is overlooking at their conversation.

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The next day, Chiari and the others went to the cafe to check both Opal and Taira, however both of epizode were all tired from tasting and preparing coffee. That morning in the Jewelpet Cafe, the girls were doing their morning exercise routine, all feeling refreshed until Jewelina appeared with Kosuke all dressed up in a strange uniform.


She also explained that she is trying to assist them in the shadows but the rest thinks its suspicious. Nene decides to call Chiari through her Jewel Pod and discussed to her about reading her fortune jewelppet Peridot.

However the aircon spew out a lot of thrash, almost burying both Ruby and Garnet and the whole room became hotter. However during the sample act they all made, Prase is disappointed on each one of them due to how rpisode their acting were.

As they kept watching them, Ruby is desperate on wanting to see them as it blew their cover and suddenly running away. It’s another school day in Jewel Land as the girls and their Jewelpets episod going to class, all excited for the Sports Festival this year.

Jewelpet Happiness Episode 42 English Subbed

She then used her magic to create a new crystal ball for it and decides to read the girls’ fortune about the last Magic Gem, also peeling the orange apart. And the day passes, the girls were all having a hard time catching up with Kaiya’s lessons episoode Nene catches up.

The music in the series is composed by Wataru Maeguchi. Ruby and Chiari needed to find another way to convince Nobara he’s a rabbit. As they know what to do, they all decided to store the Jewel Box in a safer place and found a stand lurking around and place the Jewel Box on top and starts to shine, transforming the worn-down into a brightly decorated place.

Ruby herself used her magic that materialize some bananas. After he made the holder spisode the jewel box laugh, Angela asked Titana to host a comedy show in the cafe for the night and invite their friends over as he agrees.

Back at the cafe, the whole place is full of life as Azusa and Jewelina arrived to check on everything. Back at the cafe, the girls were again discussing about him and think something is keeping him from focusing on his studies as they decided to gather information. Back at the cafeteria, Jasper finished fixing the aircon as he switched it on, but instead it played a lot of loud music.

Angela told them it’s been 3 hours and is saddening her that she has competition and cried. Ruby and the others criticized hers to have no jeeelpet whatsoever as Charlotte thinks about this.

As she tries to warm up, she accidentally tripped and hit a rock. The girls think hers is average until they decided happiess try the gut breaking Owarai as Titana, a Chipmunk Jewelpet appears and shows off his skills to make the three laugh, it failed however on them while the pets laughed hard.