As the series progresses, the two learned more about being together as partners and the mysteries surrounding the Twins: But what exactly are Alma’s true intentions? Sara won in the semi finals. In the Rarerare world Miria perfects her look and heads to Jewel Land. But in the end, she dropped out of the competition and draw a manga short about Labra and Ruby. It’s the start of the Jewelpet sports fest and the winner will receive a Jewelstone for their partner and all the Jewelpets are hyped up.

But Akari noticed strange about her though Hilde and her Jewelpet Partner Topaz that told Akari and Sapphie about her strange behavior and powers and the two decided to investigate more about her. Akari goes anyway and sees a boy that looks just like Yuuma named Alma. Akari followed her and tried to reason with her and told her it was only feedback for Akari to improve. Upon arriving they accidentally knock over her moms dress and ruins her preventing her from going to the audition that makes her famous. For the last orb they both have the same idea and summon up spirits to try to get the orb into the slot. Everybody turned in their new spell potion except Miria and Sara. They run into all sorts of trouble and even with the Magical Angels. It’s exam time and Leon and Miria are to get a dragon scale from the black dragon, Sara is to get some herbs, and Nicola and Akari are to get the witch to say thank you to them and the time limit is 3 days.

Akari decides to transform into Yuuma and Ruby wears a costume in order to trick them into making them their partners and purposely suck and making them remember the good times and want each other back. She explains that she wasn’t upset about the incident but because Leon treated sason like a child rather than an adult.

Marianne twinkkle but in the end she told the judges that she cheated. She runs into a girl named Judy who is also practicing the Rangula spell after messing up and later learns that hwinkle has been given the duty of ringing the school bells. Akari does everything in her power to bring the plant back to life and upon seeing how hard Akari is working for her sake she realizes just how lonely she truly is and she apologizes and they both work together and they bring the plant back to life.

Leon arrives and saves him and they work together and retrieve the pearl but the lava flows down towards to twinklf village and Saieon asks his friends twinlle have just arrived to help him stop the lava. When Catherine is jeweplet, Akari thought she would lose but she saw Ruby making another batch of cookies and remembered the feeling of making cookies for the one you love.

A while later, Alma is practicing Basketball until she saw Akari admiring her moves and told her if she wanted to join the basketball club. It’s Akari’s birthday but she’s spending her time alone. Both Alma and Yuma run into their mother’s arms and Akari is later awarded the title of Jewel star.


Akari decides to help Sara with her experiments and learns that she is in the middle of trying to create a shrinking waison to turn the Jewelpets she turned big back to their normal asison. But things goes out of proportions as Labra went with him to search for the said item and even worse, cause a big commotion in the Winston Academy. She always wanted to become a singer like her but somewhere along the line she forgot that so they fix the dress and her mom goes to the audition.

Everyone is now excited on the competition, except Miria, who only has 11 Jewel Stones. In the rules, they have to pat her head and don’t use magic while the other is trying to catch her.

Miria explains to Akari that it’s always about her job and her mom cares more about her songs than about her and decides to go back in time using the time trip gate to stop her from becoming famous. It’s the start twinkld the Jewelpet sports fest and the winner will receive a Jewelstone for their partner and all the Jewelpets are hyped up. Battest continues to spread and the others can’t get inside to help.

Upon his arrival he discovers that the dragons were just trying to protect their egg and he accidentally drops the pearl into the lava creating a huge monster. She then asked her to join another club to make friends, but then rejected harshly as all she wanted is Akari, Yuuma and her mother while leaving Akari.

Jewelpet Universe Jewel Pod. Alma sinks even deeper into sorrow and giant vines of battest trap her and Akari and Yuuma run inside to try to save her but they are taken to separate places by battest. But Yuuma and Akari thinks she needs to join the Manga club as she agrees. The series’s music is also composed by famous Video Game Composer Shiro Hamaguchi like the first series. As lots of matches past by.

Leon arrives and finds Akari’s bag for her and walks her to class, much to Miria’s surprise and jealousy, who then tries to impress him by summoning up a cake which turns out to be horrible.

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Akari and Ruby saved them when floula is trying to catch them. Miria stood up for them about the competition. When Akari arrives everyone crowds around her and praises her for her powerful fight with Alma and the teachers explain who he is. Akari later decides to try out the spell herself but ends up making the Jewelpets bigger and her smaller.

They then challenge the girls to a match in which whoever makes the better wedding dress wins and Leon is to be the judge. Lately Sara, Miria, and Akari have been getting along great but when Akari follows Sara to her home to return her pen she finds out that Sara lives by herself in a dorm for a government research facility.

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Akari holds Alma in her arms and explains to her that she’s not alone and she allows battest to possess her instead freeing Alma, Yuuma, and Labra. She then sees Yuuma playing basketball in the park and decideds to watch, when he notices her and they start to talk. Angelina and Miria are in a “Dress Up” match. Akari later joins up with the rest and thanks to Sara’s experiment they find out about the true history of what happened but before Akari jewellpet tell Alma she figured out battest seal that was carved on Yuuma’s and her arms, Alma tries to break open the seal.


Akari, Yuuma, Ruby and Peridot finally caught them both at last. The dragon, the witch, Halite, and the headmaster all try to stop battest but it proves to be too difficult a task so the others all ask what they can do to help seal battest. In the Rarerare world Miria perfects her look and heads jeewelpet Jewel Land.

Even worse when she get to school, some of the students ate her chocolates and goes love-crazy at Akari. But she then told him to tell her what he’s feeling for her as she left. Akari and Marianne’s turn to fight. Just when they were about to reach their climax the rose they were riding wilts and Akari and the rest end up transforming to save everyone allowing them to finish the story.

She does but Alma doesn’t believe her and throws both Akari and Yuuma out and breaks the seal on battest. As the day passes, Ruby knows about her problems in school and later apologized, saying that she didn’t know Akari’s personal problems as she tries to cheer her up. They are surprisingly useful and through them we sakson that Yuuma is troubled on how he should answer Akari’s confession and she is worried if she should ask him about it or not.

saispn Akari uses the smile spell she learned from the memories of Opal to melt all the ice earning her 2 more Jewelstones making her a 5th grader. Akari wants to be a manga artist. But then, Ruby got sick along the way due to her staying overnight. Sara transforms and manages to find her and learns the spell fine it was just the emotion behind it and everyone is returned to normal.

But can she do it when Sara and Miria won’t work together? Everybody already used theirs and the only one left is Akari. Akari and everybody in her class are at the beach.

Though by using them to seal battest they are informed that their Jewelstones will disappear and after pondering over it for a bit they all decide to go through with it and seal battest away once more losing their Jewelstones. The prize is that three of any wish they want will be granted. In the Human word, there is a summer festival going on. Akari was amazed that Alma is very popular in school, and a lot of clubs were offering her to join.