Saki Kirino seeks revenge for the death of her father, a Japanese politician who was earnestly trying to do good; Mayor Ryuzo Kusunoki, while the hero of the town, seems to have nefarious yakuza ties that assassinated her father for trying to blackmail and expose him. Add – More Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. In the past, Michiru’s family is persecuted for the three boys’ deaths, the townspeople believing Michiru drowned them. The next morning however, Akira finds Mitsuko’s shop abandoned, as Mitsuko has left, leaving Akira to ponder the consequence of his decision. Crossroad in the Ancient Capital. Add – More Kaichou wa Maid-sama!:

Akane Sawai becomes a hikikomori due to depression; she only interacts with her textmate, whom she met online. Ai is also shown doubting her job after the request for Kanako, saddened to be ferrying an innocent soul to Hell. Kei slips as he’s trying to come through her window, and falls to his death. Yuika is quite cruel to Sumika. Add – More Tenkuu no Escaflowne. Add – More Groove Adventure Rave.

One night, Naowa finally reveals he is unworthy of her epsode he sent Nakajima to Hell. After his father’s death, Makoto Shinoda, a manager for the company his father worked at, tells Daichi Nizushima’s sister, Ayaka Nizushima, that he believes it is Daichi Nizushima’s fault because he does not come out of his room.

Ran and the geisha steal all of the man’s money. Before he can kill Takuma too, his ex-lover sends him to hell nigoku he killed their unborn child by pushing her down the stairs. Souta accesses the Hell website to send Hirohisa to Hell but Ai rejects him because his rage is not strong enough. Add – More Shoujk no Kakera. Add – More Heroic Age. Tsuyuki, one of the neighbors, attacks Meshiai when Meshiai sees the Hell brand on his chest.

Shibata Tsugumi senses Enma Ai during the wedding reception of Shibata Hajime’s co-worker, Miharu Koyama, and shouio is announced that the bride’s father is also engaged. Meanwhile, Ai asks for the mysterious girl’s name but the girl does not remember her identity. Add – More Sola. While Yui tries to access the Hell Correspondence, Tetsuya takes the phone away from her because he doesn’t want her to go to Hell too, and explains to her that he sent the other animelutima involved in the beating of her father, Suzumura, to Hell, because Suzumura raped his sister, who hung herself and explained everything to Tetsuya in a note.


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Add – More Princess Tutu. She keeps visiting the Hell Correspondence and writing “Soon”, but never submits a name. Believing his son is in the way of their family’s happiness, he almost kills Kaito; however, he comes to his senses when Kaito sends Mao to Hell, and Nanami also returns to her old, kind self. Yui ends up going to Hell Correspondence anyways, and instead of Ai, it is Michiru who shows up as Hell Girl, and Yamawaro becomes the straw doll episoe her.

Leon is in love with a high school girl named Epiwode Miyahara. As punishment for failing to shoplift, Rina Endou forces Yu Animejltima onto an older male and takes a picture of them. Kyoko Kazama asks Enma Ai to pretend to be her daughter when she realizes that she is dead. In Hell, when Fukasawa learns Akane will also go to Hell when she dies, he feels regret but hears Akane, who is strangely at peace with the idea shoyjo going there, tell him to wait for her.

Kuro no Wadachi ” Japanese: Enraged, Moroboshi sends Serizawa to Hell. Tsugumi Shibata is now working there. Add – More Arcana Famiglia. As a little girl, Yuzuki lived happily with her parents, until her father, a bus driver, died in a bus crash due to faulty brakes.

He gives Mamoru a chance to confess but when Mamoru laughs him off, he sends Mamoru to Hell. At the sign of her continued success, a female student named Nishino apologizes to Inao for previously making fun of her fortune telling and requests she kill a college student who she claims is stalking her every day.

The inspector then tells him that Shibata Tsugumi might have been kidnapped because of an article concerning Sawazaki someone wrote using Shibata Hajime’s name 6 years ago. A shallow student, Nishino, requests that Inao kill a college student she claims is stalking her. Add – More Brave Story. I got bored with it I got bored with it. Out of good faith, Washizu spreads news about Inuo’s real situation and tries to motivate him to seek help.


Add – More Zero no Tsukaima.

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Mayama Shizuka is relentlessly bullied by her classmates in her class’ group chat. After Shinichi dies from injuries inflicted by Mamoru, Daisuke is framed for the murder and the town turns against him. Add – More Strait Jacket. Yanohara learns that Sakura documents the animeyltima in a journal, and beats her, though she is unable to find it: Hajime is unable to find anyone who would have a reason to send her to Hell.

Sumire was kidnapped, raped and killed, the body stuffed into a suitcase and dumped in a lake. Add – More Zetsuen no Tempest. Add – More Last Exile. Enma Ai continues to send people to Hell. He tells him to drop the investigation and Nakashima Kenta sends Katsuragi Yoshitaka to Hell after confronting him. Houki tells Chinami that her husband killed someone, causing her to go into a coma due to distress.

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For both her dog’s sake and the other animals, she sends him to Hell. Shibata Tsugumi angrily ends the call and goes to Hachiouji. Shouko Baba is a teacher everyone dislikes because she frequently scolds students. Only a birthmark on Sumika’s side distinguishes the two.

Yamawaro explains that in the past, he witnessed the young couple lose their child, Hikaru. Add – More Gankutsuou.

She misses an important rally, angering her father, who hires men to attack Yuriko to teach her a lesson. Mayumi Hashimoto, a junior high school student, is bullied by classmate Aya Kuroda a sukeban: Hagure Inari ” Japanese: Shouji – More Wagaya no Oinari-sama. Add – More Clover.

The school blames a student named Waka Ikami but Ikami claims she didn’t do it.