The movie ends on a note that good finally triumphs over evil, whether it be Sam and Thomas’s triumph over Bergmans, Thomas’s own suppressing of his bad inclination and rejoining forces with Sam, or Bergmans’s good nature coming out in his inability to kill Bea. They call the Bishop, upon whose interrogation, Celina admits to the sin, and Sam gets unfairly implicated. Maniratnam ruined the picturisation of the songs esp Nenjukulle. Brilliant film artistically in every way!! The music was composed by A. Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 2 February Retrieved 11 February

Though there are big names associated with the movie, it falls short of expectations. Retrieved 10 April Mani Ratnam has gone MAD Retrieved 22 December Through a series of incidents, he also manages to get the unruly Thomas under his control and gets him to learn the tricks of the fishing trade from the villagers. Lingusamy’s own production company Thirupathi Brothers had purchased the distribution rights of Mani Ratnam’s Kadal for Chennai , Madurai and Coimbatore prior to the release of the movie. Can’t understand why so many dislikes for such a good movie!!

Sudhir 1 February Technically well done, but seems like a big waste of effort for very weak direction and screenplay.

Can’t understand why so many dislikes for such a good movie!!

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Retrieved 28 February So others can find this clip. Maniratnam did it again. Thanks to einthusan team for uploading. Else, go and watch Kadal. Later, owing to the speculated title of the former project, the team was unable to name the film Pookkadai as an aspiring director had already registered the name in However, even after a few feeble attempts, the self-professed son of Satan who disavows all family attachment is unable to get himself to kill his daughter.


There is no mistake in doing intimate scenes if it is required for the movie. Retrieved 10 March Accolades Filmography Madras Talkies.

Kadali Telugu Full Movie Download

In Novemberactor Arjun was signed to play a pivotal role in the film, denying reports that he would play the villain, [27] [28] though this enlgish later revealed to be misdirection. Though there are big names associated with the movie, it falls short of expectations.

The film was premiered moie most of the locations of the same country a day prior to the actual release. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat During a press meet in Decemberactor Karthik revealed that his son, Gautham Karthik would make his debut in Mani Ratnam ‘s next venture post completion of Ratnam’s bilingual films Raavan and Raavanan.

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Retrieved 4 November Though Thulasi was auditioned for the role during the casting process, she was not selected as Ratnam opined that she was too young for the role. They give proper directions to artistes.

Director Mani Ratnam ‘s usual associate music composer, A. Totaly nice to see our Tamil movie in Hollywood range.

Kadali Full Telugu Movie Download

Retrieved 24 November It’s a wonderful fil and I think that it’s time tamil cinema changes its direction from producing movies like Jilla. Samantha out of ‘Kadal ‘ “.

Retrieved 2 November Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details Retrieved 4 March Retrieved 10 August Bergmans Arjun Sarjaa brilliant but unruly student, is thrown out of his seminary for committing the sin of the flesh after being caught red-handed by fellow student Sam Fernando Arvind Swamy.


In Februaryafter the official subtitlws of the project with title several forged dubtitles were released over the internet citing wrong credits and the film plot.

Retrieved 25 January Sudhir at Firstpost stated, “Mani Ratnam’s Kadal leaves viewers at sea”. The album was scheduled to release on 17 December [64] but due to tremendous pre-booking orders, the audio label advanced the release by two days. Retrieved 9 February A local boy named Thomas kada,i this village who is the illegitimate son of a local fisherman Enhlish Ponvannan has grown up in a rough neighborhood, following his mother’s death and thus being forced to fend for himself.

Manirathnam Sucks, absolutely nothng in this movie. Great script, cinematography and music. Here is some context to the story line.

The film had an poor opening in Chennai. Retrieved 27 January Retrieved 15 February As per the proceedings of Madras High Court it was learnt that Mannan, one of the distributors for the film and his men issued false statements to let down the reputations of the director.

The actress refused to appear at an interview for the same reason.