Add Image S2, Ep4. He observes Nandini keenly, as he holds her bow up. Nandini is informed that Nyonika resigned from her post, Aryaman threatens Harshad to stay away from Nandini. And Star and Fireflies are their copyright When you love can’t stay away from you He texts her and smiles. This is just a fanpage Harshad blackmails Nyonika to make him the President.

What is MaNan to you??? Add Image S2, Ep6. No copy right infringement all right goes to voot this is just a fan page. The next day, Nandini hears Nyonika talking about the Fab Five being warned and not banned. Like 0 Dislike 0. Maddy’s song makes Rishabh speak which overwhelms Nandini.

Dhruv explains to his friends that the Band’s yaxriaan was Manik’s dream. And They complete each other While Alya, Dhruv, and Mukti are busy discussing their future, Madhyam is approached by a episodd who wants him to sing in one of the upcoming events. Ustaad Mukesh disowns Maddy because he chose rock music over classical music. Nandini says good night and cut the phone.

Even the fireflies glow then. The relieve I get watching you both every time This ia Just a fanpage Gamath offers a deal to Maddy for his performance with FAB5.

Navya is doing great at her job but her boss is not happy with her. He observes Nandini keenly, as he holds her bow up.

He whispers to Nandini if she is ok, Nandini nods. All the evidence are against Yaariaan and the teammates have no option but to hold him responsible for the blas. Nandini is informed that O2 wants FAB5 to perform. Navya receives a call for Abeer’s adoption.


This is called true love For his own benefit, the businessman tries to showcase both the performances but unfortunately Maddy and Manik start fighting on the stage.

Add Image S2, Ep7.

Happy Valentines Day People When it comes to his love Add Yaariaxn S2, Ep6. Later, Manik and Nandini spend some romantic moments together. Manik says he knows, comes to stand by her and says she came for him. Cabir begin to yawn, everyone waited.

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Who can be better than them ever??? Navya whispers to Manik he can say thanks later to her.

During the game, Aryaman’s closeness toward Nadini makes Manik jealous. Mukti and Alya convince Maddy to join them in the jam in session. Maddy saves Nandini from an accident, Nyonika threatens Harshad for his involvement. Harshad deletes Maddy’s records from the data room to pull him out of election and Nandini finds his records.

Harshad creates misunderstanding between the team mates by accusing Aryaman for the blast. Manik’s birthday celebration is Nandini’s attempt to reunite the FAB5. He also know even if they are not together physically.

Sana OK I understood dr now everything is clear i luv u as friend I hope dis iaisi cool u down if u fealt bad about anything.

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Nandini checks if chachi is sleeping and attends his call. They ask when, where? Sign in Recover your password. They sneak out from the group and spend some romantic moments together.


Madhyam tells Nandini that he will keep an eye on the FAB5. Add Image S2, Ep8. Navya is upset with Kaiai for having posted an advertisement for Abeer’s adoption. Nandini and Aryaman finds the details of the driver. Mukti was angry at him.

He texts her and smiles. Manik dedicates a song to Nandini and tells her that she is his inspiration. Episoee and his wife meet Navya regarding Abeer’s adoption. Manik tells Dhruv it is his turn now, Dhruv says ok. After much partying, the Fab Five get a note from the society asking them to empty the flat.

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They know they only feel peace in each other’s arms The team decides to find their lead singer and find Maddy having the same voice as Manik. This is just a fanpage They decide to take revenge on Maddy. Harshid requests to come inside, Cabir asks who is it. Nandini plays a prank in order to make Mukti, Navya and Alya attend the party. Manik asks him to tell honestly, did he ever over shadowed him?