Teachers must provide education for these children to enable them to know the value of life. We need to first understand how very young children develop and learn before we break out the punishment tactics which may do more harm than good. To think others not just our own selves. Yelling at a child for interrupting story time to tell you he has a pet dog will not teach him to be quiet, listen, and not interrupt. Iniwan sa mundong ito nang hindi man lamang inisip ang kinabukasan. We must teach them how to control oneself and establish a good behavior at a given situation. Give them also the chance and time to interact and have fun. It is not just the role of the teacher but the parents as well.

Sila ay mga saksi sa ating mga ugaling maaaring natitimo sa kanilang murang mga isipan. By understanding this, we can truly start to work with children based on a foundation of what is developmentally appropriate. The film was created by Sir Joey Velasco, a Filipino virtual artist who dared to journey in a field and a painter renowned for his Christian-themed masterpieces. Parent and teacher have a great role in nurturing the temperament of the child just liked personality is being developed. To have brighter future we must create positive change and it can start by influencing and encouraging our students to have social awareness and help them understand that with their small steps and determinedly doing right can make a huge difference and improvement in our society. When Sang-woo’s mother finds work and finally returns for him, Sang-woo has become a different boy. Hindi ang mga teorya ang magpapagalaw sa iyo, bagkus ikaw, ang gagamay sa mga ito.

Bawat isa sa atin ay masasabi nating unique. Bilang guro at magulang,gampanan ko ang aking tungkulin pa pamamagitan ng spirit of volunteerism,ang pag tuturo kong papaano tutuparin ang mga pangarap ng mga batang ito. Temperament influences our interaction with the environment.

From the very start up to the end, I was amazed! One of the intervention that is being doing in the street children is rescue. They won some and they lose some.

It is the basis of education because all modes of learning, involves cognitive. Nakalulungkot isipin na bilang magulang din na dapat naaalagan mo ang iyong anak,proteksyonan at higit sa lahat MAHALIN ng buong buhay mo. To have brighter future we must create positive change and it can start by influencing and encouraging our students to have social awareness jambas help them understand that with their small steps and determinedly doing right can make a huge difference and improvement in our society.


This is because children see the world in pictures. A person which credentials and experience will fit the requirements of velxsco legit guidance councilor. They are casual and never created an impact to others. The clip on the other hand, laid down the life of these street kids.

Some questions we should all consider. Children are much eager to learn when they are motivated. There are things that we know about ourselves, and others also know, same as things that we know that others do not, and things that others see in us the we do not know.

He slumped into a depression like joej trapped in a dark, lonely, deep kambsa. My possession which developed through education. Formal Education involves a teacher and a learner. Psychological foundation deals with various theories and principles that will aide us to handle and understand different types of personalities kambss we encounter in and outside the four walls of our classrooms.

Joey Velasco before he died, he contribute something in our society, he reminds us to be aware of this issue, he saves these twelve innocent soul.

We have unique students.

It should be knowledgeable processing the problem that could solve or understand their experience. Therefore, psychological education is a discipline that enables us to understand how we and the learners accept through our mind and behavior the process of learning.

I believe that sharing my experience, understanding my students, and believing in them will inspire them to give the best that they have. We are because God planned it.

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We should be like a hero who cares one another and save especially the children who is at risk. The canvass was so perfect. May ginawa na kaya sila para sa ganitong anyo ng ating lipunan? As adults we are not all motivated by the same things, nor do we respond positively to the same things, yet we do not spend a great deal of time analyzing why this is so.

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In my opinion, it is indispensable part of life both personally and socially. I helped her and even gave her a tuition fees every enrolment for two years when she was studying at PUP Lopez. How do we control our emotions? Ipinakikita dito ang problema ng kasalukuyan at darating ng mga generasyonng ng ating kabataan. They were those who are hungry and suffered because of poverty, they were ve,asco who cry for help but never heard, they were those who wants to be free and supposed to enjoy their childhood but never experienced because of early responsibilities for their families.


As a social worker handling the case of the people need our services nothing to expect in return.

No one can judge Joy, a 14 yr. Be a model…an example to our dearest student…and I think they will follow us…. Here are some of what I aim as a teacher: Life is a blessing From our father…As a learner, enjoy lang natin and be fruitful as a children of God….

Set against Gandhi’s rise to power, Water tells the profoundly moving story of Chuyia, an Indian girl married and widowed at eight years old, who is sent away to a home where Hindu widows must live in penitence. In Psychological Foundation of Education I did understand and learned that our values and principle affects the way how we are going to live in community it is about learning how to fit in the society we are living in, surviving, giving, modelling of values and passing it to the next generation.

The basic part or unit of the society—the family —is the very foundation and very first learning ground of a child. As a teacher, these give the tools and how to use on students to achieved greater results in class. So as a teacher we need to consider these things and address their needs individually.

Psychological foundation involves structuralismfunctionalism, behaviorism, psychoanalysis and others.

He finally saw light and new life. Knowing deeply the learning process will aid the educator and the learners on what they will go through and will make them aware of the end goal of it. This video aims to arouse the social awareness of its viewers. As a teacher motivating my student is a big challenge for me. Furthermore, this behavior occurs at different levels at the same time, and we may expect different theories to give primary attention to different levels.

He prayed that God could throw him a rope for him to get out of darkness, and he was ready to catch it even if it was laced with broken glass.

Yet, so many adults forget that the art of teaching children these skills is an ongoing process. Joey Velasco 19 mins. July 20, at 2: It plays pivotal role in the process of lipunaan and learning.

Discipline them for the learning process to be successful and guide them to learn and prepare for their futures.