I can’t wait for all these stuff to unfold. Also I called it, the white wizard is evil. In a way, the Mages come from Haruto’s “Sabbath”. June 3, at 2: Also Koyomi must be the philosopher stone and Haruto was evolved by Wiseman and White Wizard to be sacrified? June 27, at 2:

Maybe perhaps there’s two kinds of wizardrivers: Nobita’s New Great Adventure into the Underworld” June 18, at 8: Also all these speculations of Mayu being kamen rider witch isn’t confirmed yet. Now this could mean one of two things in my mind: This centers around the inhabitants of Magic Land.

It makes sense that they wouldn’t waste time and money to make her a personal rider suit since she has only been in like 3 episodes. Is he riedr Dark Rider??? TOEI started streaming the second promotional video for the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard net movies as a tie-in to its summer movie. This would be a cool twist that I don’t think they have done before.

Notice how WW was almost annoyed at Infinity Style.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Plus they are subbing it for free u dont always maguc subbed shows everywhere. May 29, at 9: Mayu’s become one of the show’s anticipated characters so making her wear the mage suit with no tweaks in the design might just disappoint the viewers I wonder will it appear in the movie Lol at Nitou riding a bicycle.

Visit our page now: Seriously, this may be a fun movie, but does it not sound like it would go with Pretty Cure than Kamen Rider? First “rider” foot soldiers since the riotroopers if I’m correct.

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Mayu with the Mage ring could just be a teaser pic; they’ve done it before. Kamen Rider Sorcecer I agree with one Anoynymous that this guy is White Wizard’s upgraded form, remember Wajima’s word”Philosopher stone turn eveything into gold”, if we take litteraly this, Sorcerer can be an upgraded form of White Wizard using philosopher stone so: It’s no Komoshi, it’s Komon.


God I just hope this dark rider is similar to Eternal, I loved eternal so much so let me love this one as well. I want a new and unique costume for her! May 31, at May 31, at 9: So it’s a confirmed 5 maybe: Plus even if Mayu is a female rider, looking at her ring she’ll just be a generic kame like the ones in the upcoming movie.

Why would Wiseman give people the means to destroy his soldiers and hold his plans back? Kamen Rider Wizard is forced to use the DragoTimer against him. The white wizard is the final boss of the series. In this place, anyone has an ability to use magic, and some of them can even transform into Kamen Rider Mage. He will also meet Prime Minister Orma, lad is known as Kamen Rider Sorcerer, who plans on recreating qizard world for magicians only.

But even if I’m wrong a d it is the same then I don’t care its cheaper for Toei, so I don’t care, so long as Mayu kills Medusa rather than Beast of Wizard ill be happy. My guess is that, since she has a white wizard driver, she is either the successor for white wizard’s powers or she just might be a kamen rider mage for the tv series.

This centers around the inhabitants of Magic Land. As Kamen Rider Sorcerer, he plans on recreating the world for magicians only. The film will also be the debut of Kamen Rider Mage.


Oh, I thought it said “Pretty Cure”. Xiul from Temox The following link is reupload from his own account due to the original website is in chinese language translation BT Download link: Very good speculation TheMangakid!!! June 17, at 5: May 30, at 3: Rinko, Shunpei who both have had their Phantoms destroyed by Haruto and even the doughnut duo can transform first pic! The wait is killing me. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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And finally Mayu’s return along with White Wizards identity which I think is Wakajima’s brother which is why he looks the same in the silhouette when although not confirmed he was found in the cave as Wiseman. Also, how come every wizard-based rider’s driver looks the same except Wizard’s?

June 3, at He is also the wiseman. I hate to tell labd but I seriously hope that they’re not using the Kamen Rider Mage mgaic for Mayu. May 10, at May 30, at 9: June 27, at From the next week’s episode previewa mysterious man came to see Wajima.