Shotaro takes the case, with Phillip intrigued as ghosts should not exist. Rider War – The Prologue [ edit ]. Journey’s End [ edit ]. World with Tsukasa reluctant to fight, once more. After Tsukasa reveals himself , Takeru realizes that Tsukasa is the “Decade” Narutaki warned him about. Decade continues his fight with Chalice, with Garren losing his Garren Buckle in the process.

Introducing himself as Dai-Shocker’s Apollo Geist, he knocks the Decadriver out of Tsukasa’s hand as Natsumi takes an attack meant for him as the villain and his attendants leave. Dai-Shocker Invasion [ edit ] 26 “RX! After Natsumi’s arrival at the journal’s offices, Reiko is mysteriously murdered, leaving Natsumi as the culprit as she had a small fork in her hand. As the dark Riders leave, Tsukasa realizes that all of his Rider cards have turned black. As a result, he is forced to work under Tsukasa in the cafeteria. He must go to their worlds and defeat the other Kamen Riders to save his own world, while Wataru keeps it frozen in place. After checking up on Kotaro and telling him that Joe is aiding his other self, Tsukasa returns to the Hikari Studio where he and his friends venture into the next world. World of Shinkenger as crossover special with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

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Yusuke reveals he has promised to help Wataru because he is uncomfortable with being the King. Dai-Shocker at the same time. Confirming that Kamenn is right and revealing that the world is a heaven for monsters with only a few survivors left in hiding. Decade arrives as Ryuki with the Blay Buckle and gives Kazuma the resolve to fight back.

Arriving at the police station, Yusuke offers to be the new user of the G3-X suit, but loses the position to Kammen. Souji frees Mayu and joins Tsukasa as they assume their Rider forms to finish off the Salis Worms before forcing the Phylloxera Worm into the open. However, the Tiger Orphnoch revives his followers, and Decade counters with the Final Attack Ride Faiz Blaster, destroying him and his followers in one shot.

Tsukasa and Yuusuke attempt to set up peace between Wataru and Kazuma so they can 22010 Dai-Shocker together, but the two are too focused on protecting their worlds to listen. Soon after, Tsukasa brings Arata to the Studio to explain about his world, only to find a Worm had mimicked Tsukasa’s form.


Asumu becomes Kamen Rider Hibiki in order to honor his mentor’s final request: She has come to the Narumi Detective Agency because she has been constantly haunted by the apparent ghost of her sister and pop star partner Erika who died in a boating accident a year ago.

While Yusuke saves Ai and takes her to the hospital, Tsukasa fights the Grongi alone. Deciding to investigate the girl Mayu, they host a photo shoot for her, and Natsumi learns of Mayu’s older brother who was supposedly killed by Kabuto.

Furthermore, the Dark Riders had murdered the dider TG Club members’ Negative counterparts and assumed the males’ identities with the other Natsumi the only survivor. Natsumi calls upon Tsukasa to be her lawyer, who meets with Shinji Tatsumi to hear what he knows of what happened to Reiko.

Daiki mentions that this world is not like the other A. In the bedlam, she finds a corroded belt and book, recalling it as Decade’s from her dream. After Rising Ixa and Leangle are killed off in the fight, Tsukasa makes his way to Wataru as he grieves over Ixa’s death.

Tsukasa is suddenly transported to the dimension where he had spoken with Wataru Kurenai then tolds Tsukasa that wasn’t the befriend mission because he needs to defeat all of the Heisei Kamen Kamfn. Within moments, the two Riders meet as Decade and Double recognize each other and join forces. Mikio Jinno Shingo Nakagawa With Decade holding Larc and Lance back, Diend battles Glaive on his own in a heated battle kamsn neither wanting to kill the other.

World of Shinkenger as crossover special with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Kamen Rider Forze and Meteor fight for the destiny of the Earth and for the friendship of all beings.

Meanwhile, Zanki slays a band of Bakeneko as Ibuki arrives to take them out as well. World, finding himself in a baseball uniform, Tsukasa notices the people are acting strange while saluting each other before he, Natsumi and Yusuke are singled out as rebels against Dai-Shocker with Propheta Cruentis, Go-Jaraji-Da, and Camponotus Worm Maxilla appearing to exterminate them. When Diend awr Gills, Decade tries to protect him, only to have his belt stolen by Gills with no defense against Diend’s summoned Delta’s Lucifer’s Hammer finisher.


Arriving in the new world with a strange card in hand, Tsukasa finds himself in the costume of a kuroko before running into Daiki who just stole a squid-like artifact. He learns that the high school is attacked on a nightly basis by beings called the Orphnoch, with only Faiz to protect the school.

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As Kiva-la is happy to see Yusuke returning to the Studio, the gang ends up in another world: But after Kohana sets the three Imagin in their place, they suddenty find the Hikari Studio as the front car. Meanwhile, Mutsuki and Hishigata search for Chalice to get back the Rider systems, and are subsequently ambushed by Chalice, who knocks them out after they find out his true identity.

However, Abyss uses this time to make his move to take out all three Riders at once, forcing them to retreat with Ren refusing to answer Shinji as he leaves. While this occurs, Yusuke is kidnapped by the Roaches to be conditioned into being a normal member of the World of Diend’s society.

The next day, as Tsukasa continues to keep Shouichi safe from the Unknowns’ attack, Yusuke learns that Shoichi was the original user of the G3 suit when he receives the letter for Shouichi from Toko.

Reunion Project Agito [ edit ]. Stepping outside, Tsukasa finds himself in this world as a police officer while Kamen Rider Kuuga appears wag aid the police against two Grongi. The next day, Tsukasa finds Super Apollo Geist’s base as he meets Daiki who warns about the trap arranged for him. Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: After being caught up on current events, Tsukasa makes his way to Castle Doran to save Yusuke as the Beetle Fangire decadw the Arms Monsters into himself.