Samuel Roman as Mikawa. Top 15 Best Anime Hackers Have you ever been fascinated by how computers and various technological doohickeys works? At the same time, someone appears to be stalking Min and even stealing her sarashi. August September 4 Sep 4, Huang, Ming Li Supporting. Ah, that’s a shame. Retrieved February 22,

Letters from the Departed The Familiar of Zero: So he leaves the shirt with Alice, and she lends him a stuffed owl toy for good luck. Retrieved February 22, At night Alice takes Narumi to the school’s rooftop and tells him that Ayaka jumped off the rooftop to prevent the school festival from occurring. Narumi calls Mika back to let her know that he will take care of the website himself. Narumi is brought back to Alice’s room to recover, and the Fourth becomes Alice’s client in this case.

Toshi Shinozaki, Ayaka’s brother, appears at the arcade room, but he seems to be very ill. If it doesn’t shut down business, they will raise their rent to a point where it will go into bankruptcy and close anyway. Hirofumi Nojima as Nishimura ep 9. Kaoru Suzuki Sound Effects: Ayaka has regained consciousness, but she suffers amnesia and doesn’t remember her friendship with Narumi.

The team monitors him in the streets as the drug takes full effect, as he begins to imagine Ayaka with wings, flying away from the rooftop.


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Add to My List. An anime adaptation aired 12 episodes in Japan between July and September And guess what else? However, when the two had been up against the Gotuda Group, the Fourth used Hisan as a shield, which supposedly led to her death.

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Heaven’s Memo Pad

The following night, the team catches the suited stalker named Tomio Kimura, a lingerie designer for his company, who has much interest in Min’s bust size. Chinese Taiwan staff Chinese Taiwan companies none Licensed by: Kan Onoshima Mikio Nakade.

The team believes that there is a connection between the mysterious man with sunglasses and the suited stalker. However, Narumi finds out from Tetsuo that Toshi is a drug addict, unbeknownst to Ayaka.

But the other founder of Hirasaka-gumi, the man who gave it its name, has returned to Tokyo. Retrieved November 9, Atsushi Satou Yoshio Ookouchi. We reserve the right to ban you if you do not follow this rule. David Matranga as Hiro.

Masaya Matsukaze as Tetsu. Yoshihide Mukai 2nd Eppisode Animation: Shaorin claims to have contact with Masaru and tries to pass his request to Alice, but she rejects it.

Question Kamisama no Memochou Dub? July Jul 30, Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. The Kishiwata Group, the yakuza organization, pays a visit to the Hanamaru ramen shop to retrieve Epispde, but Min keeps her cool and tells them to leave.


While walking through the hotel district Narumi Fujishima sees a girl jump from a window and rescued by group of young people. She then makes Narumi help her make a new soup dish. Monday, 25 February Kaisama Williams Technical Assistant: North American Stream List: Tetsuo, Hitoshi, and Hiroaki research more about Angel Fix and its possible trade routes.

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Sometimes, the title itself might be a spoiler, in which cases it’s okay to leave it blank or simply tag it as “Spoiler”. On the day of the concert, Narumi lures Renji into the studio booth when the rock band begins playing.

Katsushi Sakurabi Series Composition: