Meadows and farmed large part present in the area of land. Plains North and Baltic Sea coastal plains of northern Germany as extending to the region of the ortadag get into it. Four million hectares of forest in the state of the business , the business of three million hectares are privately owned. Furthermore, the sights are very beautiful little lake. Thereafter , Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, and Poland by force. Car production reaches 4 million. Bismarck timely Germany’s strong foundations were laid and the merger was provided. Meanwhile, France was delivered from fear.

Football has reached an advanced level in the world , has won the World Cup three times. Clansman who occupied the Roman Empire Germanic traditions of the Romans , their adopted culture and even religion. Education Germans in science , is a nation that places great emphasis on education. Shrubs in some areas is seen as less. In exports , factory parts, machine parts , heavy machinery and pharmaceutical industry holds an important place grooms. Readily Hannover Technical University is world-renowned. Many literary movement was born here and spread. Thereafter , Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, and Poland by force.

Education Germans in scienceis a nation that places great emphasis on education. This duchy be elected in the holy Roman Emperor and Italy to seize the German people have forgotten the real people, especially the peasants’ land-owning feudal lords to be a slavehad turned a blind eye to bad handling.

Opened in to transport and the RhineMain and Danube rivers, with the opening of the channel connecting the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean were combined. Plains North and Baltic Sea coastal plains of northern Germany as extending to the region of the ortadag get into it. Besides cattle breeding poultry is very advanced.

Today, Germany’s as free education and training is carried out on each side. Czechoslovakia and Poland in the eastsouth AustriaSwitzerland; west. Despite this advanced education and training systemstoday still about three million people are illiterate. InField Marshal von HindenburgGermany’s second president Paoul and seven years later was elected president for the second time in the HindenburgAdolf Hitler was the prime minister.


Representatives of the Vizyonfakiler Federal Council Bundesrat dur. A large part of the population lives in the industrial center, the Ruhr Basin. Even Russia is kapsdokya to take down the flagthe United States joined the war in favor of the opposite side of the state inwith Germany and its allies were defeated.

Keep your face to weaken later by the RomansGermanic tribes began to flow like a flood to Rome. These two councils representing all the Federal Assembly of the Republic Bundestag t.

Berlin, the country’s largest electronics center. Inthe western state of all military forces of the United States on joining the war on the side of Germany and allies were defeated.

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Besides, various domesticated animals are raised. High plainsmountains, volcanic pits and pit consists of plains. In recent years, the importance of oil exploration given, the ccinema oil refinery in the ports of the North Sea has been established. United German sports schoolsgymnasiums and football fields all over the country are spread in vizyondaki,er modern way.

The first was the Prussian king Wilhelm Kapadokyya and after the second time it was discharged from Bismarck and the German people embarked on armaments activities. Coastal fishing port centers. Each state has a council and government. Russians in the rest of East Germany was formed.


Luther, education and worship of the Roman Catholic Church began to spread Protestantism yererek strongly shape. InHitler invaded the Balkan Peninsulaand then also attacked Russia. Bundestrat The 45 members are appointed by the State Government. Ciema, in the Baltic Seaand the other has two candidates in the North Sea. The largest state is a state in Bayern. Variety of landforms in Germany and has a remarkable view. The first years of the war in favor of the Germans and the Allies were successful.

Germany on the border with Austria and Switzerland in the south of the lake Bodensee is the most important.

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Germany’s characteristic varies according to climate zone structure. Internal and external transport, sea, road, rail and air can easily be achieved with.

Karl icnema Great Charlemagne time the Saxons, Charlemagne Emperor of Rome by the pope in years, forcing Christians were made by proclamation.

For this reason, it is gaining success in the sport worldwide. Munich is the capitalfalls cineema per square kilometer in the state. Germany lost its colonies in this waras in soil loss was suffered. Luther appeared exactly in this order. Haberleri Facebooktan Takip Et. Thereafter sectarian war began.

Length is kilometers of highways in Germany. Leverkusen are one of biggest chemical factoriesthe factories Ludvigshaf Hoecht and is based around the River Rhine and Ruhr.