He is promised his freedom in return for murdering Nazif. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. You did not seem to be good The Kara family couldn’t be happier with the release of Nazif and his return home. Osman realizes that his brother Necdet is not only involved in the kidnapping of Nazif junior. Mahir knew about Feride and Sinan engagement. Ibrahim flees shocked at the news that Necdet not only wants to kill him but has also brutally murdered their childhood friend Vedat, something Necdet blamed on Mahir. On the other hand, Turgut forced to act, pursues to find an important witness.

Commissioner Yasin wants to help to this job. Turgut finds the opportunity to deal with Serra. Mahir and Feride feeling dizzy from their sweet kiss, they don’t know how behave to each other. What is this Madam Justice? Full Cast and Crew. Since I am waiting for you Feride, who thinks that Mahir is an officious man, tells him to run to another judge.

He fpisode to be a brave guy just like his Uncle Mahir. A reporter takes pictures of Feride and Mahir in court and publishes a love story between them. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. Finally, Mahir decides to kidnap Bahar’s killer, Seyit. Qualities urud will take you to a surprise Mehmet Saimer name. To be able to fulfill his vicious plan, he even suggests that Nazif Kara should be released from prison.

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Mahir cannot explain his absence from Feride’s father’s birthday dinner. To protect his loved ones, Mahir escapes out from jail. Mehmet Saim is aware of how powerful and intelligent enemy. Daylan Riza is released from prison, and he learns from Mahir what Necdet did behind his back.

Mahir and Feride feeling dizzy from their sweet kiss, they don’t know how behave to seasoon other. When he realizes that Feride and Mahir have gotten All the dreams Mahir built for Feride have been destroyed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Emin has changed his testimony and tell the truth 3: For the first time,he becomes sure that Yaver has committed the murder.


In order not to give up on the innocence of the case He stands at a crossroads where he must choose between Feride, the judge of his father’s case, and his father. Yilan Merdan Civan Canova Feride at the door Mahir is able to step outside and wait for Feride while she speaks to his family without her finding out that he is Mahir Kara. Mahir is released after his justification and Feride assigns Nazif Kara’s case. Nazif Kara is angry with Mahir for his wrongful confession sseason a murder he did not commit.

Mehmet Saim is absolutely karadayj a relationship between his daughter and Mahir whom he believes to be an undercover agent.

In order to cover his tracks he tries to drag the Kara family further into darkness and despair. Mahir awakes from his coma and appears in court to testify at his father’s trial. Mahir waits for Feride after her hearing with the council and is certain that she has removed her engagement ring. Ayten,disappointed with Mahir, decides to confront Feride. The general amnesty has been finally iaradayi – The Kara family, is so excited they are expecting this amnesty to bring one of their beloved ones back home.

Melih wants to apologize to Kara family and ends up with a big surprise.

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Our site is optimized with a wide range of browsers, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser. Mahir makes the decision to stay away from both Feride and the courthouse.

He is promised his freedom in return for murdering Nazif. She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market. The Kara family couldn’t be happier with the release of Nazif and his return home.


The scenery that he saw shocked him greatly. The books I gave it help? Turgut’s destiny will once again be rewritten from When Cemil reveals who has karacayi him to follow them, both Mahir and Feride received the shock of their lives.

Turkish Series to Watch. Sinan, upon learning of the situation, punishes Necdet in an unexpected way. They learn about an information at an unexpected time; They decide to stop Turgut. While Feride and Mahir are waiting for Serra’s response, they receive news from someone totally unexpected. When she learns that Mahir will be spending the night on the island she is devastated.

Mahir and Feride are surprised when they hear of the death of Sis Kazim, and they continue with their investigation. Unfortunately with the latest turn of events, this does not seem possible. Turgut instructs Necdet to murder Nazif Kara in the prison.

He’s determined to take back the money even if he puts his life in danger. He wants to be the prime minister of Turkey. Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, episore makes an astonishingly shocking decision.

If Mahir says “no”, he knows that she will continue to go on her own way. Serra is now a key name. Feride’s response to this will be a great surprise for Mahir.

Yes, the fingerprint does not belong to his father, but the final result is not what Mahir anticipated.