Of joy and gifts Of deductions and dominoes For a fleeting moment, Tsuna had been in control over his abilities and he had known who he was. Glancing around, his eyes briefly met the spy’s own. Unnerved by their closeness and acutely aware that a firm palm was pressing over his thunderously pulsating heart, Tsuna bristled at the comment. Of course, when the hitman returned to the main room ten minutes later — pleasantly surprised that the teen had tried to keep the bathroom neat even if it was from fear of retaliation — it was to find Tsuna buried under the cushions and other bolsters on the couch, hair half-dried and towel around his shoulders.

Of meet cute and self awareness Hibari takes care of Namimori like a wolf watches over its territory, so when there’s a problem, it’s usually a good idea to go to him. Of dawn raids and well-planned rescues A faint impression that urged him to stay away from the old man and led him to play in the garden with his ball. It was not as simple as a matter of fear. And yet, he was not as gorgeous as he could have been. I don’t own any creations referenced, quoted or winked to, either. Those bearing the name and lineage number in the thousands, but the royal family carry a strongly pronounced resemblance to one-another and many of them can conjure fire.

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He was used to be ignored and treated like air, invisible to all, and had lost count of the number of times he had to remind the administration that he had been present at his classes, despite what most of his teachers seemed to believe. Costanzo likely had a few interesting stories on that subject from his work but Blaise didn’t need to hear them to guess at how terribly effective a few minor spells could be if placed on currency, even before curses were brought into play.


Of passion and fury Of truly fd first impressions Tsuna frowned, biting his cheek and abruptly remembered that it was still healing, stopping. It was a gorgeous building, with a luxury that most of them would not know again in their lives, near a rather famous bridge.

Mentally sending a little prayer to kafekyo would deign to listen, he crouched and leaped with as much dynamism as he could muster.

The wait was indubitably driving him crazy, and barely a few minutes later, he exhaled sharply and stilled to breath in deeply. He listened as his pursuers shoved their way through, slowing down in the crowd.

Tsuna looked longingly at the close doors of the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery and its unseen benches. Of preparation and practice Now that’s cleared up, on with the show! Until his arms shot in front of him to grab the wooden pole emerging.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Drama CD Extra – Proof of Friendship

A polite knock on the room door spared Tsuna from answering, his complexion almost grey as he stared incredulously — and accusingly — at the hitman. When he reached the intersection, he almost ran.

He uncrossed his legs, sliding down of the couch to crouch on the floor, and piled the plates. Instead of finding the earlier focus and easy curiosity, there was the lingering pulsing thrum of violent excitement, wrapped around a thirst that he had learnt to recognize for blood, and a frustrated annoyance that let no feiendship to any thread of patience.

He had been tired. He hurtled into a small square, barely noticing the gorgeous architecture at his left, instantly zooming on the left street instead. Of science and family history I suggest wearing one, but if you would rather walk around naked until clothes make an appearance later today…”.

Tsuna sighed as his chest panged painfully at the lack of feelings nor mood from his link with his mother. Of spin and introspection Of the complexities of communal dining Of holidays and unexpected requests It wouldn’t surprise him. She doesn’t know, she has no fucking clue about this freaking mess, I need to — “. Katekyoo shoes were almost silent on the stone as he hurried forward.


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Yes, we’re going to stop at a hotel to rest. He knew how to imitate behaviors thanks to his ability and his self-preservation instinct from his childhood. Say, if they are rivals, it will show that they can outwit Vongola by causing the disappearance of one of the candidates supposed to pursue the Family’s existence and business.

Maybe this impending meeting would persuade the Storm Officer to finally divulge what he knew about the Zabini that he’d been keeping to himself for the past two years, now that the driver wasn’t here to overhear them talking. Not giving himself enough time to second-guess his actions, he hauled himself up until he could somehow crouch unsteadily at the top.

She dared not to look at the ominous presence beside her, tempted to press her side against the door to increase the distance between them. How, when his mother awoke to his frantic cries, it was to learn that her gift, the blessing of her line so strong in her son, had been shut off by her husband’s blindness and her own foolishness.

Why can’t he be chosen? Of venturing into hostile territory