And then it started to drizzle. Uke was fat in high school. There’s definately a great deal to find out about this topic. Kizudarake no Airabuyuu by Psyche Delico -school life. Just then I received a text from a very good friend of mine asking if I wanted to hang out with her to the bookshop. Or so they thought.

Sadly the main guy did not end up with any one. Anonymous March 3, at We can still kill some time in Kinokuniya. Datte ai ja nai!? Bi no Isu by Ike Reibun -one shot. I like how she turned her charcters into chibis during the smut part. Dolce by Kyou Kitazawa -Bishies.

Side het pairings tho. Kojirase Cherry by Kitano Megumi -one shot.

MANGAS ~ Yaoi Obsession

What happens when a majazashi wants to do another wolf. Stein wants to smoke. His senses were suddenly muddled and when he came to, he was being held by his uncle. Kinda depressing in a way.

Feel free to visit my site:: Uke is a complete idiot with manzashi sense of direction. It doesn’t go that way huh? It was Rm49 for whole ten fingers and takes approximately an hour to complete so we went off looking at the surrounding stores while killing time. Siow Wei wanted to avoid the camera, so we got this instead.


He may or may not be mo culprit. Got tired of walking around, I’ve decided to taste the Takoyaki Octopus Ball fried in a special pan which I missed during my first visit. Overall 4 Story 3 Art 8 Character 6 Enjoyment 4. Suteneko no Ie by Inoue Nawo -probs in England. And then it started to drizzle.

Dear My Mister by Yamada Fumika -student-teacher relationship. Light hearted drama, lots of laughs.

It was an illustrated comic by Jidia female artist from Beijing, China with an award winning book called My Way. It was our first outing to KL for this semester.

There were all sort of seats available and we chose the Japanese style seats.

Luckily I asked my mum to bring my Tsubasa Ah. And fortunately, I dug out Shel-Yang’s 2 artbooks o. Eternal July sounds much more promising than Couple Game Hey ya, whats with that handphone nanazashi your hand?

Files for MangaTraders

Link Leave a comment I’m in despair. Feb to Dec 19, Genres: Not what I would have expected of the author. Zurui Otoko by Naono Bohra -one shot. Half of the reason must be blamed on the lecturer however, for giving us a totally inhumane tasks and placing too much of a hope and standard on us, and expecting us to follow every command when there are some cold feud going on between some of the lecturer that are lecturing us, unable to decide should we follow lecturer A or lecturer B.


Manga hunt and gold mine!

But I just don’t understand why there’s actually a queue in the female public toilets. O There’s this huge book exhibition, hm no no, grand book selling event in The Mines called ‘Shu Xiang’ literally means ‘Scent of Books’. Haru no e by Nakamura Asumiko -one shot. Hot guys who should be doing each other instead of competing with each other.

Muchas gracias por todo el trabajo que realizas: Anonymous August 27, at 9: I am fascinated by rocks. What a heart breaker that guy is. I appreciate you for sharing!


Overall 2 Story 2 Art 9 Character 2 Enjoyment 2. Please visit my website too and tell me your opinion. Catastrophe August 20, at 7: XD JChang and Noo. Do with a ghost. Anonymous July 14, at 3: Those guys are awesome and they even act like their characters. Probably regretting over forgetting his flip-flops.