Ayumi, after hearing about their argument, tells Keima to make up with Chihiro. However, Chihiro seemingly reveals Keima’s plans to Ayumi, causing Ayumi to slap him and storm off. Keima explains to Haqua that with Shiori’s boosted confidence after their talk, she can now finish writing her novel. A heartbroken Chihiro runs away where-after an angry Ayumi, who witnessed what Keima did, kicks him and leaves, later crying while her goddess scolds her for falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Nora discovers Kanon and demands an explanation from Haqua. As the concert draws near, Keima finally finds Kanon at a nearby building. As she inquires his crossdressing and eat at a Ramen shop, Shiori tells Keima that she wants to make a story of him.

Keima explains to Haqua that with Shiori’s boosted confidence after their talk, she can now finish writing her novel. Keima cheers her on by displaying banners using Elsie’s magical raiment at the field each day. However, Keima calls her a liar, saying that she did not barricade herself to protect her books, instead herself to the world. Haqua is finally able to break free from the control of the spirit. Given a wedding dress while being proposed to, Ayumi declines all of Keima’s confessions as unsatisfactory and runs off telling him she’ll be waiting for him at the harbor. As Kusunoki lectures Keima for his weakness, Elsie detects a spirit inside her.

Keima consoles Ayumi, saying for her to believe in herself.

As the library committee enters the library, Shiori finally speaks up for herself and explains her reasons which the committee agrees to have a meeting. Kanon’s need for attention was the result keimx people not noticing her in the past.

When she finally finds it, she discovers three different editions of “Love Tears” and correctly chooses the expensive one.

The World God Only Knows – Episode 1 | Ryanime

At his home, Ayumi decides to stay to take care of Keima after seeing him sick. Succumbing to katsudagi pity for his injury, Tsukiyo kisses Keima whereupon she grows wings.

After many attempts, Keima finally episoed to avoid the loop bug and goes to the next scene but unexpectedly gets into another bug, resolving him katsruagi try again much to Elsie’s horror. She leaves the stadium in anger after hearing his words. However, they managed to escape and hide in the hearts of young girls, by which the spirit hunters are tasked to capture them before they are reincarnated as demonic children. Despite what she did, Elsie embraces her, still looking up to her as the greatest spirit hunter in her eyes.

Elsie detects an evil spirit inside kima Kanon, being Keima’s next target. Keima arrives at the library whereupon Shiori allows him to read her story while being watched. When Kanon sees another person who looks like her coming to the studio, Elsie realizes it is the spirit in disguise who is using the audition to find a host. The library committee cuts epjsode electricity to the library, surprising Shiori and causes some books to fall over them. After a confrontation with jealous upperclasswomen, Ayumi sprains her leg the day before the meet.


The next day, the Mai High Festival begins and Keima learns from Elsie that the festival existed long before the Academy’s founding after which Keima notices the Academy’s emblem is a goddess. As Keima looks for a perfect spot to be alone, Chihiro agrees with Keima to look for one where there aren’t any people around.

Rejuvenated, he finally finishes the last game and “follows” his game girls into the game world where they all sing and dance together. Start your free trial.

With two targets left, Keima decides to use his cold to get Ayumi to visit him by calling her while he calls Chihiro not to come so both of them won’t visit at the same time. They kiss when Ayumi keeps Keima from falling down the stairs, forcing the spirit out of her body and allowing Elsie to capture it.

Lastly I like the series so far, the OP was great even if it might have been a rip off of Eden like Ryanime claims. Keima believes she is an easy target as she has all the characteristics of a tsundereand a love confession might break her hard shell.

Keima now begins the next stage of his plan by bringing her to a grand ball by invitation. The spirit has gotten powerful from feeding on the negative emotions of the unconscious students around them, which it then escapes to the roof by possessing the students to stop Haqua and Elsie.

However, because he was hiding, Mari mistakes him for a thief and hits him on the head with a vase. While he and Tenri were on a sailing ship, an earthquake struck which stranded the ship off the coast. Nora explains to Haqua that Vintage have infiltrated the spirit hunters and the search order for the goddesses is a plot to capture them.

Use the HTML below. Five pieces of theme music are used for third season. Chihiro forms a rock band with her friends Elsie, Ayumi and Miyako. Was this review helpful to you? However, she is inadvertently sucked into a spirit capturing bottle belonging to her friend and fellow spirit hunter named Haqua du Lot Herminium.

She leaves with fear after trying to talk to him about it, but a spirit later enters her body when she had the resolve to help him open up. Views Read Edit View history.

As Kanon prepares for her concert, she katwuragi gets second thoughts and fears that she will mess up and be forgotten again causing her katsurag turn invisible. With Shiori now speaking up, Keima decides it is time to capture her heart after finding a library notice to kaysuragi library books for the media room.


The next day, Jun enters the class in a marathon race in hopes to help them bond, but, as the students feel pressured by this, Jun runs away after calling them all selfish. Instead, she becomes fascinated on a book about fire trucks.

After several drafts and procrastination by reading books, Keima eventually tells Shiori to write ,atsuragi herself especially when they both lock themselves in the library. Keima soon discovers by chance that Chihiro now has a crush on a boy named Yuta. But Chihiro knocks on the door and confesses to Keima which he feigns ignorance before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Nora discovers Kanon and demands an explanation from Haqua. His first target is his classmate named Ayumi Takaharatraining for the upcoming track-and-field race.

Keima has a dream of being with Yokkyun which Nora “kills” her which angers Keima that he breaks free from Nora’s restrains and scares her away. Jun, going to a professional wrestling match, finds Keima sitting in her seat, thanks to Elsie discreetly duplicating her ticket, and is forced to sit with him during the match.

The World God Only Knows

As the concert draws near, Keima finally finds Kanon at a nearby building. At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if she ask anything before continuing their wedding. Kanon continues sending Keima an obsessive number of emails to visit her whenever she feels down. The “slapstick drama” begins with Seiya Kanie, a high school boy who is invited on a date in an amusement park by a mysterious beautiful transfer student named Isuzu Sento. Realizing he cannot finish all of his games at this pace, Keima decides to up the ante by playing twenty-four games at once.

However, Keima calls her a liar, saying that she did not barricade herself to protect her books, instead herself to the world. Later, Haqua arrives at the Katsuragi residence and asks for their assistance for a report of the capture of the spirit that fed on negative emotions at the academy.

Keima, already aware that Haqua was the spirit hunter who failed to capture the spirit, offers to find the spirit at school in exchange for telling him what the evil spirits are. To see if Keima is honestly in love with her, Ayumi asks that he marry her which Keima agrees, even in front of her parents.

Also to further motivate, if he does not perform this ‘duty’ a collar around his neck will explode.