Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Solnan saves Solhi’s life for the moment from Marshal Hae trying to get her killed. The King invites Jinmu to spend quality time with him, but Jinmu runs into trouble at the marketplace. Watch Episode 75 Sub. Solhi visits the solarium after she sees her servant wearing a ring similar to hers. Solhi asks the Queen to sell her possessions to feed the poor villagers. Watch Episode 14 Sub. Solhi apologizes to the Queen and Marshal Hae.

Solnan hears Solhi’s voice and follows after it. Solhi receives a letter from Koguryo about the war. The King refuses the request of Chaehwa’s father and orders him to go to Fort Taedu. Solnan asks the King to send her to Kimun. Watch Episode 91 Sub. Watch Episode 93 Sub. The prince decides to lead the men to battle against Koguryo.

Watch Episode 56 Sub. Watch Episode 79 Sub. Myongnong finds out that Solnan’s mission is to win Sunimun’s heart. The Field Marshal puts Baekga into a corner as he kills off his commanders. Watch Episode 65 Sub. Sunimun leaves Paekche after accepting all the requests from the prince. Watch Episode 32 Sub.

Everyone is happy that the peace talk went well. Solnan vows revenge against her parents’ killers and waits for information about bandits coming from their village. Solnan gets caught by bandits and must peisode her way back to Myongnong before the fire dies out.


Watch Episode 33 Sub.


The King has a hunting accident putting his life own life at risk. Watch Episode 43 Sub. Solhi feels that the king is treating her different and asks Jinmu for help. Solnan improves enough to remain in training for The Band, but the leader doubts whether she can excel as a full-fledged member.

Solnan begins to look for Makgeum with the prince but she can’t get a lead. Watch Episode sko Sub. Watch Episode 50 Sub.

Looking for some answers, Solhi goes to Prince Jinmu and asks him to jing her the relationship between Koguryo and Paekche. Watch Episode 4 Sub. Solnan continues her training with the Dolim. Watch Episode 66 Sub. Marshal Hae is released from prison and the Queen runs to see him.

Watch Episode 63 Sub.

Kuchon sneaks into the palace to kill the King. The Field Marshal orders his men to bring Baekga for judgement on his crime.

Watch Episode 71 Sub. Kuchon sko to transport jade to earn money.

The King’s Daughter

Solnan finally meets with Makgeum and heads to Kalim to listen to the story of her mother. Watch Episode 18 Sub. Report to us if you see wrong video, broken link or subtitles out of sync!


Solhi receives a letter from Koguryo about the war. The King asks Chaehwa to meet with him. Chaehwa begins to adjust to her new life and learns how to take care of herself. Watch Episode 94 Sub. Solhi is called as a witness to identify Chaehwa’s killers. The king waits for Solnan 889 recover before returning to the palace. Watch Episode 59 Sub.

Soo Baek Hyang – It’s My World-NewKDramaAddict’s Drama Sandbox

Watch Episode Sub. The prince decides to lead the men to battle against Koguryo.

The trainees are put to a final test to see if they have what it takes to join The Band. Marshal Hae replies he did, but only from a distance. The King dies and Myungnong becomes the new king of Paekche. Solnan and the prince are bbaek and taken back to their homes.

Solnan is placed as a Pavilion Guard and starts to look into the owner of the bracelet.