The son-in-law acted as a spy for Baekje and is treated with some respect by the princess. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. A Korea-born warrior girl had to be a servant at the Mongol Yuan court but somehow overcame her low status to become an empress in another land. Posted May 30, As Yeogu prepares to go to battle in hopes to unit the Mahan Federation, a plot to get rid of him is being formed.

They seem more concern about her than about him. Biopic of Queen Seondeok, who was born a princess and later became the ruler of Silla, leaving behind many achievements. The Great Jang-Geum — One more thing I’m interested to see how Gusu and Jin Ayi finally get married when Ayi initially engage to YeoGeun and Jin clam finally surrender themselves. Episode 58 Episode I don’t really understand the conversation but what I know is that Yeogun tell Yeogu that he like Gusu as his older brother Probably not one with universal appeal IMO.

Full Cast and Crew. Episode 59 Episode It tells the story of the rise of the most famous king of Baekje.

Start your free trial. The Great Jang-Geum — Dong Yi TV Series Baekje was one of the three kingdoms of Korea around years ago. Hey isn’t this the guy from Marriage is A Crazy Thing?


Episode 12 by LollyPip. Episode 56 Episode Yeogu finds out who Soekkop’s parents are and figures episoe his true identity.

I have just finished watching episode Episode 4 Episode 4. Episode synopsks by Regals. Check out Kingdom of wind, Chumong, warrior Baek dong Su and the tree with deep roots.

King Geunchogo

Can anyone tell me what is exactly the conversation between Yeogu and his son Yeogun? I don’t quite believe in it, but looks like they do.

Now back at geunchogp Yeogu must put Hanseong back in order and punish the people responsible for the uprising. Episode 13 Episode Sign In Sign Up.

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The show takes a long time to get going but once it does, it is enjoyable enough. Episode 12 Episode Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. As a non Korean I did enjoy it and as always appreciate the opportunity to learn a little bit about the history and culture of Korea. Buyeo Gu is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the thorne he was born to protect.

Episode 48 Episode How many episodes JB?.


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Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of political power that reached its greatest height in Baekje’s history. I dont know if that has any impact on the ratings but it made me sad that it was poor. A dark sci-fi prequelhuge performances at the Oscarsand a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week.

Everyone involved in the uprising will stand judgment before the King and Yeogu is synopeis to designate a crowned prince. Episode 33 Episode He only demands, and I really hate him. The episode drama tells the story of a warrior king of Baekje. Log in No account? Alone in Love was marked by a thoughtful portrayal of a couple post-divorce, inflected with humor and pathos.

As his first order as Eoraha, Yeogu intends to make Yeohwa his queen against the will of all his advisors and finds out he will be a father.