Reiko Kiuchi as Tamaki Maekawa. Hiroshi Misono eps Hiroshi Takahisa eps Share this Rating Title: Francesco Bulckaen as Checkmate. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. Funimation announces February and March Releases Dec 1,

Not a member yet? Reviews A fun show that’ll take you back to your early days of watching anime Fadu Costha as Marty Sasaki. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Spoilers – Do not post them! The Click – June 10th – June 16th Jun 10, Mauro Eduardo as Doc Nakano. Daisuke Kobayashi ep 36 Hiroshi Ukai 14 episodes eps even, even, 25, 28, 31, 33, 35 Kazumitsu Matsusaka 5 episodes eps 34, 37, 42, 44, 47 Keita Komatsu 5 episodes eps 40, 43, 46, 49, 51 Kenjirou Gomi ep 50 Mitsuyoshi Terasaki 15 episodes eps odd, , 17, 19, 21, 24, 27, 29 Osamu Honma 9 episodes eps 23, 26, 30, 32, , 41, 45, 48 Youichi Shimizu ep 2 Production manager:

Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Takahiro Suzuki as Man A ep SHAMAN KING follows the adventures of a year-old shaman and his teammate a samurai warrior spirit, who traverse the world fighting evil spirits and misguided shamans on their journey to be the next Shaman King.


Kagura 13 episodes eps 2, 8, 15,29,39, 43, M.

Scramble for the Throne TV Series Grossfeld Tom Kenney Producer: Alberto Angrisano as Ikeman. See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. John Siegler Norman J. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Fox Box September Lineup May 22, Jordan Podos Editing Assistant: Episide Jimenez as Mari Nikaido Spain dub.

Ultimate Muscle The Kinnikuman Legacy – Mask of Terror

Non anime related “Anime Rant” videos will be removed since we have no way of confirm whether it’s for self-promoting or no. Gou Koga 7 episodes eps 5, 13, 21, 28, 37, 44, 51 Hiroki Shibata 6 episodes eps 4, 12, 20, 35, 42, 49 Hirotoshi Rissen 5 episodes eps 7, 15, 23, 30, 36 Hiroyuki Notake ep 27 Masayuki Akehi 6 episodes eps 6, 14, 22, 29, 33, 41 Osamu Kasai ep 46 Tetsuo Imazawa 4 episodes eps 8, 16, 26, 34 Toru Yamada 8 episodes eps 2, 10, 18, 24, 31, 39, 45, 50 Toshiaki Komura 5 episodes eps 1, kknnikuman, 17, 38, 48 Yoshihiro Ueda 7 episodes eps 3, 11, 19, 25, 32, 40, 47 Yutaka Nakashima ep 43 Music: Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.

Aiko Katsumata 25 episodes eps odd, 22, odd. Frank Frankson as Terry Kenyon. Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan. Norio Wakamoto as Blood Killer.


Ultimate Muscle The Kinnikuman Legacy – Mask of Terror – Dailymotion Video

Jose Manuel Cantor as Jeager Pumpinator. Posting Pictures – Limit comments to a maximum of 3 images or less. Click to load comments.

Raul Forero as Mac Metaphor. Ryotaro Okiayu as Mr. When the villainous Mr.

Watch full Kinnikuman Nisei (Dub) ep 20 english sub | kissanime

Share this Rating Title: Kinnikuuman me Forgot password? Andrew Paull as Kevin Mask. Frank Frankson as Forkolossus. Akira Kajiwara as Takuya eps Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ News News chronological archives J Musashino Production eps 6, 8, Peacock 19 episodes eps 2, 6,26,39, 43, Toei Animation Philippines 41 episodes eps7,,51 Inbetween Animation: Daisuke Gouri as Robin Mask.

Niseo Restrepo as King Muscle. When a powerful group calling themselves the dMP threatens the Earth, only someone as powerful as Kinnikuman stands a chance against them.