After the game, Kise begins to respect Kuroko calling him Kurokocchi for the first time and further develops a love for basketball. Since he played basketball while recovering from his injury, Kagami is again suspended from practice until Seirin’s first match in The Inter-High Championships which is against Touou; Aomine and Momoi’s school. The Touou team explains that they have defeated Josei High, who Seirin had also played in the Winter Cup preliminaries, by a score of At the start of the second quarter, Kuroko attempts to break past Aomine with Vanishing Drive, but Aomine closes his eyes and relies on his past relationship with Kuroko to quickly stop Kuroko from passing him. Kuroko fumbles a pass but Kagami manages to score the first goal with an impossible jump. The same happens to Kiyoshi against Eikichi Nebuya. Now that Kuroko’s nerves are under control, his help in the team is obvious and he is permanently placed on the first string bench. Kuroko and Kagami run into Midorima and Takao at the inn, and discover that Shutoku are also there to train.

Just as Rakuzan’s coach is about to sub Akashi out, Mayuzumi chastises Akashi, asking rhetorically “Who are you? Kuroko is subbed back in and Seirin cuts the lead down to 15 points, but Aomine intercepts Kuroko’s Ignite Pass and taunts Kuroko about not having changed or improved since middle school. Hats off to Kiyoshi, one of the most respectable dudes in anime for sure! Its not the referee , they fucking blocking his view so he doesnt see the foul!!!!!!!!!!!! Hyuga continues to miss his shots, until the ball goes out of court and Kiyoshi retrieves it. Akashi stops the next pass between Takao and Midorima which becomes a turning point in the game. Suddenly, Kuroko yells out to Kise that he believes in him and Kise returns back from his numb state, claiming that he will win.

Seirin starts to use the same full court man-to-man defense like what Yosen uses, but Himuro and Vss are easily able to overcome it. Kuroko immediately passes Tsugawa’s defense, and the seniors gs Seiho’s defense by predicting their habitual movements.


The last 5 seconds of the first quarter finishes with Kuroko doing a Vanishing Drive through Suso, then passes to Hyuga to tie the game at 22 apiece. And Kagami’s legs are at their limit.

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He teams up with Kuroko and some second team members in an exhibition game. Rakuzan win the kidisaki Hyuga shows up and adds that if they don’t he’ll confess his feelings buck naked. Akashi stops the next pass between Takao and Midorima which becomes a turning point in the game.

Kuroko devises a plan that requires time for observation in order to overcome Kise’s Perfect Copy. Aomine, outside of the stadium, regains his desire to practice and train again, and asks Momoi to go shopping for new basketball shoes with him, to which she reacts with surprise and happiness, agreeing to his request and returning to calling him “Dai-chan”, as she had done in their middle school days.

Still behind by 10, and Kagami has been unable to stop the faster Aomine, therefore Hyuga suggests to go 3 points at a time. With the final quarter starting, how will the game go, now that Kiyoshi is finally benched?

After this match, Kagami should give a hard beating to Hanamiya outside the court. Akashi now becomes captain. But Midorima retaliates again, shooting from the end of the court, showing his shots have no range limit, and finishing the first quarter with Shutoku in the lead, Absolutely determined to win, Aomine scores an impossibly difficult Formless Shot from behind the backboard to bring the score to in Touou’s favor, with only 15 seconds left.

Later, standing out in the rain, Midorima gets a call from another Member of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine, and warns him to be careful in the Championship game. It worked out well, as Seirin were downafter Hyuga made a 3-pointer. BBCode “Let me keep believing And enters “the zone”. He lies and claims it is just a sprain, but Hyuga confronts him later and Kiyoshi admits that with rehabilitation and surgery his knee will heal by the time he finishes high-school.


Kuroko no Basuke Match Moments 11 – Seirin vs Kirisaki Daiichi

Kagetora claims that the second years of Seirin can improve their individual skills in less than a month, but when asked about Kuroko, he doesn’t know what to teach him. Kuroko no Basket 2nd Season Episode 9 Discussion. One-by-one, Rakuzan crushes Seirin’s players. However, Murasakibara has saiichi reflexes that he reacted in time to block Kagami’s dunk.

Hyuga hits a 3 with confidence, even with Sakurai’s tight defense on the former. With his legs already at their limits, Kiyoshi attempts a dunk, but is disrupted by Midorima, who earns a foul.

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Hyuga calms down and shoots a three, Izuki also calms down and scores. Kuroko, Midorima, Kise and Kagami are left at the same table. I mean I don’t think the referee would’ve been able to see it. Tatsuya introduced Kagami to basketball, and they became close friends to the point of calling each other brothers and wearing matching rings. Those guys really piss me off. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

With no one going to stop him, Kiyoshi manages to make a 3-pointer, even though it is not his specialty. Kagami reminds him to have faith in the team, and Seirin decides to bench Kuroko so he can regain some strength.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Of course the cheaters and the referee are at fault, but I also blame the people in the stands.

Instead of subbing Mayuzumi out, Akashi uses him as a tool of misdirection. It was already covered in another thread, but to re-iterate the anime having unrealistic shots ect does not excuse this nonsense. Kagami teaches Riko how to make good curry.

Second quarter ends with Seirin in the lead,