None fans know them personally so why making abusive comments. If some fans are bashing him now because of him not others. Wishes for more success in both of your life. Rajveer and Nandani have firmly decided to part their ways. With few drops of glycerine anyone do sad scene. Keep it up Additi. She is truthful and speaks her heart-out and is frank. By this song we pay tribute to the soldiers and freedom fighters who gave away their lives for independence.

Additi Gupta Guess why 3rd March is special? His word’s say’s different story then his action’s. P angels don behave like witches. AG rocks and she is the Best. It is believed that Lord Krishna was Kis Desh brought her real talent to the world. Don’t bring Desh or Premeer here. All All 0 Dislike 0.

Notify user via Email. Wow that’s rich coming for a premeer fan but let news come out about them doing something together you be the first one to jump on. Here by stating “No Comments”, she is showing her professional behavior by NOT mixing her professional and personal life.

That is why she said “No Comments”. To Harshad and Additi, thank you very much for sharing your memories with us. Oh my god how low can these hc fans stoop more We have re-uploaded a copyright free version go to this link: It needs real talent.

Episode Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil

Reshmi Shalwar Kurta Singer: Additi no need to be sorry to ur fans as we do understand what u have dol through and its really difficult to pass over it We will still love our Harshiti. By saying “No comments” she is trying to keep her personal and professional life separate I pray every day that harshiti come back soon n my heart know u will never disappoint your fanz as u always do for thier fanz n thnk u himmanshu for your effort u give us harshiti interview on kdmhmd anniversey it lots for me n if harshad n additi read my comment i just want to say i love u both of u so much n i wait for harshiti till end of my life n i know ahi will come back soon love u.


Just appreciate that they gave interview on kis desh anniversary respect that and move on. She spoke the truth and gained all the more trust of fans. How is she making a issue?

She does not want to talk about anything related to her personal life and we respect her decision. Now you are one of the talented leading actress. There friendship will be recreated. It is always pleasure to hear something about him. You entered the industry without knowing anything about Acting.

Don’t bring Desh or Premeer here. He also want to do joint interview with AG. No fan would ever spit in Eplsode face or hate cause your love him too much and too stubborn to admit it cause you waiting for the almighty AG to give the go ahead.

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Hum fouji is desh ki dhadkan h kanhai Kumar 2 years ago. If i was additi I will also did the same thing, ignore it by saying no comments at least I have some self respect. In the Arang city of Drona era, the king used mei be the city of mohammad, which was the supreme devotee of Lord Krishna. Nandani gets romantic with Rajveer but this apparently does not go down well with Abhay as he One more thing, DON’T abuse her. Youtube search par mera channel kyu nahin aarha hai?

To keep harshiti fans happy she went even tereliye set and gave interview with him. And moreover, AG is as truthful as ever and she just said what was coming to her mind at that time.

Will Naina Find Raghav?

Desh gumrah hai agar media aur neta aam janta se nahi darte to Mohabbat Ke Dange yesterday. And she is NOT a drama queen. Harshad is too old and sick nowadays he seems to have mental instability. All All 0 Dislike 0.


You made our day. If they love or fight, it is always hot news. If not off-screen then atleast together on a show on-screen ; HC had great chemistry with all his co-stars, but with AG it has always been different, it seemed more real and effortless than just acting; and to be honest, i feel he himself knows it, but denies to confess it for some obvious reasons. And moreover, AG has long before stated that there is nothing to forgive Harshad.

Why are you guys fighting. Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan Singer: Munni talks about her role and Bajrangi Bhaijaan Salman Khan. God bless you with lot more success and happiness. It is not even worth commenting here. KDM will always be special to me because it was the first Hindi serial I have ever watched. Anuradha Paudwal Music Director: Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

Download album “Yoga Padhi” from What will she do yaar They will remain alway’s in our heart. I will always support Harshad and Additi whether separate or together. The show went off-air but there’s still a lot of love for us is floating in the air.

But I think you are attracted to her in the wrong way.